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Simon Cruz
Simon Cruz eye patch.jpeg
Simon Cruz, Crashdiet
Background information
Also known as Simon Cruz, Simme, Zymon Xaint, Zimmy South,
Born (1979-07-26) 26 July 1979 (age 37)
Origin Sweden
Genres Glam metal, hard rock, sleaze rock
Occupation(s) Musician, singer
Instruments vocals, guitar, harmonica
Years active 2009 to present
Labels Gain
Associated acts Crashdïet, Jailbait, Foxey

Simon Cruz, is a Swedish rock singer most famous for being the lead singer for the Swedish sleaze rock band Crashdïet.


Details of Cruz's early life, such as his childhood are virtually unknown.. At some point in his twenties Cruz lived in London, England, which he has cited as the reason he has a British accent.[1] Simon was in several bands prior to Crashdïet: Foxey,[2] T.I.T.S.,[3] and most notably Jailbait .[4] In previous bands Cruz went by the aliases of Zymon Xaint[5] , and Zimmy South.[6]


When Crashdïet auditioned people to replace their original lead singer Dave Lepard (who died in January 2006), Cruz was their top choice, Cruz however decided to continue with his band Jailbait, causing Crashdïet to go with H. Olliver Twisted as their new lead singer. Upon H. Olliver Twisted being kicked out of Crashdïet in 2008, they were once again in search of a new singer. The band sought out Cruz again, and in July 2009 they announced Simon Cruz as their new lead singer.[7] Cruz made his debut performance with the band in October 2009 at the Sweden Rock Cruise.
Cruz has toured Europe, South America, Australia, and North America with Crashdiet.[8] Cruz is the first Crashdïet singer to be featured on two consecutive albums, appearing on 2010s "Generation Wild" (Crashdïet's most popular album to date) and 2013's The Savage Playground.

On 26 February 2015, Crashdïet announced the departure of Cruz.[9]

Savage Animal[edit]

After leaving Crashdïet, Cruz has begun to work with his girlfriend Tåve Wanning (Peaches, Adrenaline Rush) on a common music project called Savage Animal.[10]


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