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For the experimental music artist, see Simon Emmerson (composer).
Simon Emmerson playing the Irish bouzouki with The Imagined Village at Barking (London) in 2008

Simon Emmerson is a record producer, guitarist, DJ and founder of the group Afro Celt Sound System.

He is also the main organiser of The Imagined Village, a collaborative work from many roots artists. Emmerson also plays on this album.

In 1995 Emmerson was nominated for a Grammy for his production work on Baaba Maal's album Firin' in Fouta.

Earlier in his career, under the pseudonym Simon Booth, he was a member of the bands Working Week and Weekend, played guitar on Everything but the Girl's debut album Eden and produced records for Baaba Maal and Manu Dibango.[1][2]

Emmerson is a keen bird watcher.[3]


Afro Celt Sound System[edit]

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