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Simon Fokke holding one of his engravings, (by John Greenwood after a portrait by Jacobus Buys)
Jacob keeping the Flocks of Laban; after Jusepe de Ribera, now in the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden, copper engraving from ca. 1750

Simon Fokke (1712–1784) was a Dutch designer, etcher, and engraver. Born in Amsterdam, he was a pupil of J. C. Philips, and was chiefly employed by booksellers to engrave small portraits and vignettes. He died in Amsterdam in 1784. His works include:

  • His own Portrait ; after himself.
  • A View of the Port of Leghorn; after Vernet.
  • A View near Narni, in Lombardy; after the same.
  • Six plates of Dutch Views, with Rivers, Ships, and Skaters; after Avercamp.
  • Several Portraits for Tycho Hofman's Portraits historiques des hommes illustres de Dannemark, 1741.
  • Several plates of his own design for Wagenaar's Vaderlandsche Historie, 1749-59.
  • The Treaty of Peace at Münster; after Terborch.
  • The Prodigal Son; after Spagnoletto; in the Dresden Gallery.
  • Jacob keeping the Flocks of Laban; after the same; in the Dresden Gallery.
  • The Death of Dido, a burlesque; after C. Troost.
  • Vignette of Liberty on the title page of Rousseau's Discourse on Inequality, 1755.


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