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Simon Hanson 2012

Simon Hanson (born 3 February 1964) is an English musician, drummer, songwriter and producer. He is best known as the former drummer of Death in Vegas and the current drummer of British band Squeeze.[1]

Early life[edit]

Hanson's father and sister both died in a plane crash in 1983. But, in 2003 and 2005, he had two children - Charlie and Molly Hanson.[2][citation needed]


In 1985, Hanson formed the band Shot, which was signed by IRS records. However nothing was ever released. Simon Hanson was then spotted by a member of the band The Blessing and joined them on tours. Together they signed with MCA Records and recorded Locusts and Wild Honey. Jimmy Miller was called in to produce three tracks on the album. Miller was hugely influential on Hanson’s work as Miller had been himself a drummer. Miller taught him that being creative, is not always being in control. Unfortunately Miller died before the album’s release, in 1994.[3]

In the early 1990s, Hanson worked with Tina Hamilton at Session Connection, playing drums with Ace of Base, Natalia Imbruglia, Hall and Oates and the P.F. Project amongst others. By the mid-nineties he started touring with Energy Orchard and worked on the Pain Killer album released in 1995. Hanson recorded with artist Bap Kennedy on MCA label. In 1995 he toured with Energy Orchard replacing drummer Dave Toner, as they were the support band of The Animals’ tour in Germany.

From 1996 to 1998 he toured with Tony Hadley and recorded with Bruce Woolley and the Radio Science Orchestra. Hanson joined The Aloof in 1997 and discovered the emerging world of Dance music. As the drummer of The Aloof he recorded the Seeking Pleasure album released in 1998 signed by East West Records. At that time the Radio Science Orchestra wrote, co-produced and performed the title track "Storm", performed by Grace Jones for the 1998 film The Avengers.[4]

Death in Vegas 2000

By 1998 Hanson joined Death in Vegas and recorded the album Contino Sessions, released in 1999, before touring with the band in the UK and in the US. Hanson also played the drums on the album Scorpio Rising. Hanson that had been so far influenced by rock and roll in previous years, discovered dance and house music while touring with Death in Vegas. This experience with dance music was to influence his playing style which evolved to become a combination of rock and roll and dance music. In the late nineties Simon Hanson performed live on tours with hard rock and rock and roll bands The Quireboys and The Dogs D'Amour. In 1996 he worked with The Dogs D’Amour frontman Tyla and Spike Gray from the Quireboys with whom he recorded the album Flagrantly Yours, under the name Spike and Tyla's Hot Knives. In 1999 Hanson was called in to play the drums on Rick Wakeman’s concept album Return to the Centre of the Earth, a sequel to the previous Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1974). From 1999, Hanson recorded with Death in Vegas. He participated on the Contino Rooms and Scorpio Rising albums including collaborations with Iggy Pop[5] and Liam Gallagher. He also toured with the band in France, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

In May 2000 Hanson appeared as the drummer in a fictional version of Slade for the movie Married 2 Malcom starring Mark Addy, Josie Lawrence and Hywel Bennett.

Squeeze Cornbury 2013

Between 2000 and 2006 Hanson lent his talent as a drummer to various bands amongst which included The Men They Couldn't Hang, Baxter Dury, Joy Zipper, The Boy Least Likely To and Secret Affair. He also recorded and toured around the UK and the US with Squeeze frontman and friend, Glenn Tilbrook. He worked on Tilbrook’s albums The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook, Transatlantic Ping Pong and Pandemonium Ensues that was released in 2009.

In 2007, after half a decade of solo work Chris Difford and Tilbrook that they would re-form Squeeze and Hanson was to become a full-time member and the drummer of the band. Together they recorded Squeeze's first album in twelve years, Spot the Difference, consisting entirely of new recordings of older Squeeze songs.

It was a huge honour for Simon Hanson to become a member of Squeeze as he had been a long term fan of Squeeze and friend of Glenn Tilbrook. Since 2010 Tilbrook and Hanson have been touring together. In 2010, while on a tour in Colchester, Tilbrook asked Hanson to sing a Kevin and Dave,[6] a song that they had co-written together. Whilst on the road Simon decided to write his own songs, often writing and recording on the back of the tour bus, using an iPad that which given to him. His first solo album Songs from the Silver Box was released spring 2013.[7][needs update] One of the track’s titles is "A9 South Road" and was written between Aberdeen and Glasgow. In Oct 2015, Strata Books published an article written by Simon Hanson recalling the making of his debut album.[8]

A9(south) received minor radio play on BBC radio 6[9][1]

Since 2001, Hanson has been working with the Teenage Cancer Trust in association with Yamaha.[10] He teaches young people with cancer to play drums and write songs. In 2011 Squeeze played at the Royal Albert Hall[11] for the Teenage Cancer Trust.[12]

In this instance Simon Hanson’s drums kit and two guitars were painted by Damien Hirst and auctioned by Christies, the money raised by the sales was given to the Teenage Cancer Trust.[13]


In October 2015 Squeeze released their first full studio album of new material for 17 years Cradle to the Grave, on which Hanson played drums on every track. The album accompanied the BBC T.V. series Cradle to Grave which was an adaptation of Danny Baker's biography Going to Sea in a Sieve.[14] Cradle to the Grave peaked at number 8 in the U.K. album charts in October 2015 [15]


On 10 January Hanson performed with Squeeze live on BBC television's Andrew Marr Show in the presence on then Prime Minister David Cameron when Glenn Tilbrook sang a revised third verse to their song "Cradle to the Grave", changing the lyrics to; "There are some here who are hell bent on the destruction of the welfare state".[16]

On 25 June 2016 Squeeze played a set on the Pyramid Stage at The Glastonbury Festival.


In 2018, Simon worked with Hybrid (British band) as a member of 'Hybrid live'. Hybrid played 3 gigs in the UK that year in London, Sheffield and Bristol.


In 2019 Hybrid released a short film to accompany their single, Hold your breath. Simon can be seen in the video as a 'staggering man' at a house party.


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Pessimists Paradise Single Delusion Whizzo Records
Seeking Pleasure Album The Aloof East West
Fragrantly Yours Album Hot Knives Cargo
Memories of the Future Album Radio Science Orchestra Gramaphone Records
Storm Single R.S.O. feat. grace Jones Atlantic
Dirge Single Death in Vegas BMG
D.I.F.M. Single The Aloof Screaming Target
Return to the Centre of the Earth Album Rick Wakeman Virgin Classics
Contino Sessions Album Death in Vegas BMG
Neptune Ciry Single Death in Vegas BMG
Aisha Single D.I.V. feat. Iggy Pop BMG
One More Time Single Death in Vegas BMG
Reeling for Love Single HMP Independiente
So You Say You Lost Your Baby Single D.I.V. feat. Paul Weller BMG
Flying (live) Single Death in Vegas BMG
Scorpio Rising Album Death in Vegas BMG
Buried Alive Single Ozzy Osbourne Virgin Classics
The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook Album Glenn Tilbrook Quixotic
Parallel World Single Glenn Tilbrook Quixotic
This is Where You Aint Single Glenn Tilbrook Quixotic
Monkey Puzzle Tree Single Lucia Universal
Sons of Rother Single Death in Vegas Drone
Transatlantic Ping Pong Album Glenn Tilbrook Qixotic
Milk It Album Death in Vegas BMG
Fairytale Ending Single The Boy Least Likely to +1 Records
You're So Good Single Joy Zipper Vertigo
We're Coming Over Single Mr. Smash RGR
I spy Album Twisterbait Xacca Sounds
Pandemonium Ensues Album Glenn Tilbrook Quixotic
Through the Net Single Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers Quixotic
Five Live Album Squeeze Quixotic
Knocking Single Will and the People RCA
Weirdos Single Will and the People RCA
Will and the People Album Will and the People Baggy Trouser
Spot the Difference Album Squeeze Anchor and Hope
Live at the Fillmore Album Squeeze Anchor and Hope
Soho Dreams Album Secret Affair I Spy
Dynamite Jet Saloon MMX Album Tyla Cargo
Songs from the Silver Box Album Simon Hanson Hanson Tunes
The Devils Supper Album Tyla Cargo
Graveyard of empty bottles Album Tyla Cargo
Beautiful Curse Album The Quireboys Cargo
Happy Endings Album Glenn Tilbrook Quixotic
Best of Nineties and Naughties Album Tyla J Pallas King Outlaw Records
Thirsty Album Thirsty Cargo
100% Pure Frankie Miller Album Spike Cargo
Cradle to the Grave Album Squeeze Virgin EMI
Happy Days Single Squeeze Virgin EMI



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