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Simon Henderson
Simon Henderson (July 2010)
Simon Henderson (July 2010)
Background information
Birth name Simon Craig Henderson
Born (1965-03-18) 18 March 1965 (age 50)
Chiswick, London United Kingdom
Genres rock, pop
Occupation(s) Record producer
Instruments Drums, keyboards, electric guitar,
Years active 1990–present
Labels GMM Grammy, Sire Records, Warner Bros., Sony BMG, EMI
Associated acts Silly Fools, Hangman, Asanee Wassan, Christina Aguila, Loso, NASA, Cassini's Division

Simon Henderson is a musician in UK.

Life and career[edit]

Born in Chiswick, London, in 1965, Simon started in the music business as a drummer at the age of nine playing concerts in the UK. He had several acting stints, and among other things, appeared in Star Wars (the original first movie shot in 1976) as a Jawa. He also played the character of rock guitarist Eddie Hunter in the BBC production EastEnders in 1986. In the 1980s he started various bands sometimes playing drums, keyboards, guitar and even singing. Groups include Tarazara, The Kick, Kou, Sin and Lunch with the President, co-producing with Gus Dudgeon (producer for Elton John, David Bowie, and Chris Rea) who became Simon's mentor, teacher and inspiration to become a producer himself.

Simon's first production credit was on the title track of the album Insha Allah by a band called NASA in 1990. The album did well in the USA, with the title track (co-written by Simon) receiving a healthy airplay. He composed a Rock Musical called Overture starring John Miles, Lon Satton and Lenny Zakatek (vocalist for The Alan Parsons Project), and a concept album entitled The Black Book.

Simon produced and released Aural Pleasure for his own label, Inter Aspect (UK), distributed by Total/BMG in 1996. With a solid background in rock, Simon has produced everything from rock to country, and pop to dance. His work was evident on many a turntable via various remixes including Wubble-U and Alex Reece, very much dominating the underground dance scene of Europe in 1997.

In 1998 he was recruited by Grammy Entertainment PCL, Thailand, sold in excess of 6 million albums, and picked up no less than 10 record of the year awards, plus one MTV Best Rock Album award in 2005. Simon produced the Thai Rock band Silly Fools for 5 albums. This made him a household name in the Thai Music business, with Silly Fools winning Best Artist, Best Album and Best Rock Band 3 years consecutively. The last album called King-size was the fastest selling album in Thai music history, topping over 800,000 CDs. By now very well known in Asia, he wrote and recorded an album for Briony released on Japanese label Toshiba EMI & FUJI Music Publishing.

The Hangman album with Toe (singer of Silly Fools) was released in the middle of 2007 and has sold 120,000 CDs to date plus the top 3 fastest selling download.

Simon worked as Music Production Manager on SUTASI for Asia Sounds Pty Ltd in September 2007 for a year. During this period, he met and produced a demo for Cassini's Division, a band that in 2010 would call upon him to produce their debut album Ringside View.

He now spends his time between London, New York, Los Angeles and Thailand finding new and exciting bands to work with.


1989 to 1999[edit]

  • Murray Grant – Reach Up
  • Sabrina – I'm Calling Your Name
  • Way out Girls – I'm The Leader of the Gang (Academy Street Records)
  • Fusion/DJs EP – Fusion presents (Inter Aspect/DJ Magazine)
  • Various – Aural Pleasure (Inter Aspect/BMG)
  • Blanco Negro – Blame it on the summer
  • Björn Again – ABBA's Greatest Hits are Bjorn Again (BA Records)
  • Jackie Romeu – The Calling (Zip Records)
  • Lia Vicci – We can go higher (EMI Greece)
  • Gareth Marks – Big Boppa a Tribute (E&B Productions)
  • NASA – Insha-Alla (Sire/Warner)
  • Muzz Murray – One (Inter Aspect)
  • Jim-Ed Huston – Closest Thing to My Heart (Sonic)
  • Rock musical – Overture – Cast recording album (G&H Productions)

2000 to 2008[edit]

  • Christina & Fearn – You are The One
  • Silly Fools – Candyman
  • Loso – Rock and Roll
  • Various – Long Auey (A Tribute to Asanee & Wassan Chotikul)
  • Catarock (Maew Chirasak) – Burn (Season Awards BEST ALTERNATIVE ALBUM 2001)
  • Silly Fools – Mint (Season Awards BEST ROCK ALBUM 2001)
  • Various – The More Mix Project
  • Asanee Chotikul – Kon Sud Thai (XTRACK5 compilation)
  • Blackhead – Basic
  • Ing Achita – Perfect Sunday
  • Karn – Pooying Cheu Karn
  • Amanda – Amanda
  • Catarock (Maew Chirasak) – Awake
  • Catarock (Maew Chirasak) – Cat in the Mood
  • Um Amarin – Um
  • Oa – Oa
  • AB Normal – AB Normal
  • Ultra Chuadz – Ultra Chuadz
  • Silly Fools – Juicy (Season Awards BEST ROCK ALBUM 2002)
  • Zeal – Zeal
  • Street Funk Rollers (Black Sheep/Sony)
  • Todd Lavelle – Back to Samui
  • Catarock (Maew Chirasak)- Disorder
  • Fly – Modifly
  • Briony – Briony (EMI Japan/ FUJI Music Publishing)
  • Silly Fools – Kingsize
  • Lanna Commins – Lanna
  • Micro – Micro (Live DVD)
  • Fly – Special acoustic album
  • Silly Fools – Combo
  • Asanee Chotikul – Red Bull
  • Sek Loso – M-150
  • Silly Fools – Yamaha X1
  • Ing Achita – Ing Today
  • Nuvo – Nuvo 5
  • Zeal – Trip
  • AB Normal – AB Normal 2
  • Jack Fly – Jackula
  • Sua Yai – Sua Yai
  • Dome – No Logo
  • Skalaxy – What Ska Is
  • Burn – Start the Fire (Inter Aspect/Sony BMG)
  • Mint – Closer (Sony/BMG)
  • Hangman – Hangman (More Music/GMM-Grammy)
  • Zeal – Zeal 4 Real (More Music/GMM-Grammy)
  • Abuse The Youth – Underskin (Mind The Gap/GMM-Grammy)
  • SuperSmiler – Wake Me Up When I'm Famous
  • Slacker – See The World

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