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Simon Holmes (born 1962 or 1963) was the singer and lead guitarist for the Australian 1980s band the Hummingbirds.[1][2][3]

Simon Holmes
Born 1962
Canberra, Australia
  • Singer-songwriter


Simon spent part of his childhood in Canberra, attending the AME School, an alternative education institution that ran from 1972 - the 1990s, and Hawker College. Simon moved to Sydney in the early 1980s and later formed the Hummingbirds with bassist John Boyce and drummer Mark Temple in 1986. His musical influences include punk rock, psychedelia and new wave.

In the 1990s he was involved in running the alternative culture and bookshop Half a Cow in Glebe in Sydney. He is currently involved with record label Half a Cow and also works as a music retailer. By October 2004 he was a member of Her Name in Lights, which issued their debut album, Into the Light Again, on Laughing Outlaw Records.[4][5] Holmes provided bass guitar, lead guitar, and pump organ; and also produced the album.[4][5]


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