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Simon House (Photo by Louise Bialik, July 2008)

Simon House (born 29 August 1948 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England) is a British composer and classically trained violinist and keyboard player, perhaps best known for his work with space rock band Hawkwind.


Before his time with Hawkwind, House played in High Tide and the Third Ear Band, who contributed the soundtrack to Roman Polanski's Macbeth. Guitarist Tony Hill recounted how House became a member of High Tide: "[Pete Pavli and I were] hanging out with" and crashing where we could at Mike's or Wayne's. Simon ended up crashing there as well. Simon was playing bass then. He said: 'I used to play violin, you know?' So I said 'Get it!' That was basically it."[1]

He joined Hawkwind in 1974. His arrival introduced a new element to the band's style. He was the first conspicuously trained musician to join, and the sound that emerged on Hall of the Mountain Grill was a previously unheard, lush chaos which sounded reminiscent of a fusion of Black Sabbath and The Moody Blues.[citation needed] He left the group for David Bowie's band in 1978. That, along with Robert Calvert falling into clinical depression, led to Hawkwind breaking up in mid-tour.

Along with other Hawkwind members he as a session musician for science fiction author Michael Moorcock's New Worlds Fair in 1975 and has also played on solo projects by former Hawkwind members Robert Calvert and Nik Turner.

Since the 1970s, as well as cutting an album (Interesting Times) with Tony Hill under the High Tide banner and releasing several solo albums under his own name, House has twice rejoined Hawkwind; between 1989 and 1991, and between 2001 and 2003.


High Tide[edit]

Denny Gerrard[edit]

  • Sinister Morning (1970)

Third Ear Band[edit]


Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix[edit]

Robert Calvert[edit]

David Bowie[edit]


  • Tin Drum (1981)
  • Gentlemen Take Polaroids/Tin Drum/Oil on Canvas (1994)
  • Exorcising Ghosts (2004)

David Sylvian[edit]

Thomas Dolby[edit]

  • She Blinded Me With Science (1982)
  • The Golden Age of Wireless [Re-released version](1982)
  • The Best of Thomas Dolby: Retrospectacle (1994)

Mike Oldfield[edit]

  • "Crises" (1983) [2013 Deluxe Edition only]
  • The Complete Mike Oldfield (1985)

Magic Muscle[edit]

  • One Hundred Miles Below (1989)
  • Gulp (1991)

Nik Turner[edit]

  • Prophets of Time (1994)
  • Transglobal Friends and Relations (2000)
  • Space Gypsy (2013)
  • Life In Space (2017)

Simon House[edit]

  • Yassasim (1995)
  • Spiral Galaxy Revisited (2005)

Simon House with Rod Goodway[edit]

  • House of Dreams (2002)

Spiral Realms[edit]

  • A Trip to G9 (1994)
  • Crystal Jungles of Eos (1995)
  • Solar Wind (1996)
  • Ambient Voids: A Hypnotic Compilation (1995)

Anubian Lights[edit]

  • The Eternal Sky (1995)
  • Jackal & Nine (1996)

Ambient Time Travellers[edit]

  • Ambient Time Travellers (1995)

Adrian Shaw[edit]

  • Head Cleaner (2000)


  • As Above So Below (2001)

Earth Lab[edit]

  • Element (2006)

Judy Dyble[edit]

  • Enchanted Garden (2004)
  • Spindle (2006)
  • The Whorl (2006)


  • Cluster of Waves (2007)
  • Away With the Fairies (2007)

Spirits Burning[edit]

  • Earthborn (2008)
  • Bloodlines (2009)


  • A Spoonful of Time (2008)

Alan Davey[edit]

  • Eclectic Devils (2009)

Albums in process[edit]


  • Psychestra (demo, 2009)

Dark Chemistry[edit]

  • Romance of Desolation (demo, 2009)


  • Portable Casanova (demo, 2009)


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