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Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin
Семён Леонидович Кожин
Simon Kozhin in 2010. (aged 31)
Born (1979-03-11)March 11, 1979
, Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian
Education AFAM of Ilya Glazunov
Style Realism

Simon L. Kozhin (Kojin) (Russian: Семён Кожин) (born March 1979 in Moscow) is a contemporary Russian artist. His art varies among genres, such as landscapes, portraits, still life, and historical photography. He also has an excellent knowledge of oil, tempera, and watercolor painting. He paints scenery whilst traveling the world, so there are a series of works such as England, Ireland, Malta, Turkey, Switzerland and others. He also painted a series of works devoted to Russia's war with Napoleon in 1812.


Simon L. Kozhin is the son of father Kozhin Leonid Arcadievitch and mother Kozhina Irina Mikhailovna (Dayshutova). In 1998, he graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum. N.V. Tomsky. From 1998 to 2003, he studied art at the Fine Arts Academy in Moscow and completed his education in studio landscapes under the direction of Professor V. Afonin. He now lives and works in Moscow.

From 2000 to 2010, he participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

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published by Russian mission.


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