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Simon Phillip Murray (born 11 September 1980) is an English writer and illustrator of children's books. His work includes illustrating line drawings for the Mokee Joe series (Hodder Children's Book 2004–2007) and Bonebreaker (Hachette, 2005) as well as writing and illustrating the 'Icky Doo Dah' picture book series Atlantis Children's Books, 2011–present.[1] Recently Murray teamed up with Helen Victoria Bishop and illustrated an issue-led picture book entitled Jack[2] which deals with the issues surrounding divorce and separation.

Early life[edit]

Murray was born on 11 September 1980 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. His father is the author Peter J. Murray and his mother is Kathryn Murray. He was brought up in Rotherham, and Dubai before finishing his schooling at Cheam School, a preparatory school near Newbury in Berkshire. In 1994 he gained at Art Scholarship to Douai School, a catholic public school in Berkshire. He then went on to study modern languages spending time working and studying in both France and Italy before graduating in 2004.[citation needed]

Murray launched his studio SMI Ltd in 2007 and then went on to create his own independent publishing label Atlantis Children's Books in 2011.[citation needed]


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