Simon Nikolaus Euseb von Montjoye-Hirsingen

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Simon Nikolaus Euseb Reichsgraf von Montjoye-Hirsingen (1693–1775) was the Prince-Bishop of Basel from 1762 to 1775.[1]


Simon Nikolaus Euseb von Montjoye-Hirsingen was born in Hirsingen, Alsace, on September 22, 1693, the son of Franz Ignaz von Montjoye-Hirsingen, a brigadier in the French Army.[2] The family also sometimes used Froburg as its family name.[2]

He was educated at the Jesuit gymnasium in Porrentruy, then spent 1712 studying in Strasbourg. From 1713 to 1717, he studied at the Collegium Germanicum in Rome.[2]

He was ordained as a priest on December 22, 1731.[3] He spent 1741-62 as provost of Enschingen.[2]

On October 26, 1762, the cathedral chapter of Basel Münster elected him to be the new Prince-Bishop of Basel, with Pope Clement XIII confirming his appointment on March 21, 1763.[3] He was consecrated as a bishop by Cardinal de Choiseul on July 10, 1763.[3]

Bishop von Montjoye-Hirsingen was a supporter of the Physiocrats.[2] In 1769, he introduced poor relief in the prince-bishopric.[2]

He became sick in 1771, which led to premature electioneering in the prince-bishopric.[2] He died in Porrentruy on April 5, 1775.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Josef Wilhelm Rinck von Baldenstein
Prince-Bishop of Basel
Succeeded by
Friedrich Ludwig Franz von Wangen zu Geroldseck