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Simon Perchik
Born (1923-12-24) December 24, 1923 (age 95)
Paterson, New Jersey

Simon Perchik (born December 24, 1923, Paterson, New Jersey[1]) is an American poet who has been described by Library Journal as, "the most widely published unknown poet in America." Perchik worked as an attorney before his retirement in 1980. Educated at New York University, he now resides in East Hampton, New York. Best known for his highly personal, non-narrative style of poetry, Perchik's work has appeared in over 20 books, websites including Verse Daily, Jacket and numerous print magazines, including The New Yorker, Poetry, Partisan Review, The Nation, North American Review, Weave Magazine, JuxtaProse Literary Magazine, and CLUTCH. His poetry collection, Hands Collected was longlisted for the 2000 National Book Award for Poetry.

Selected bibliography[edit]

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