Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng

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Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng
Archbishop of Kuching
President of Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia
Poh in 2019
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
Appointed5 March 2017
Installed20 March 2017
PredecessorJohn Ha Tiong Hock
Ordination31 July 1988
by Peter Chung Hoan Ting
Consecration24 September 2015
by John Ha Tiong Hock, Peter Chung Hoan Ting, Julius Dusin Gitom
Personal details
Born (1963-04-15) 15 April 1963 (age 61)
Previous post(s)Auxiliary Bishop of Kuching (2015–2017)
Rector of St. Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching (2012–2015)
Alma mater
MottoPastor cordis Christi
(English: Shepherd of the heart of Christ)
Styles of
Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng
Reference style
Spoken styleYour Grace
Religious styleArchbishop
Ordination history of
Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng
Priestly ordination
Ordained byPeter Chung Hoan Ting
Date31 July 1988
PlaceSt. Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching
Episcopal consecration
Principal consecratorJohn Ha Tiong Hock
Co-consecratorsPeter Chung Hoan Ting & Julius Dusin Gitom
Date24 September 2015
PlaceStadium Perpaduan, Petra Jaya, Kuching
Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng
Simplified Chinese傅云生
Traditional Chinese傅雲生
Hanyu PinyinFù Yúnshēng
JyutpingFu6 Wan4 Saang1
Hokkien POJPò͘ Hûn-seng
Tâi-lôPòo Hûn-sing

Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng (born 15 April 1963) is a Malaysian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church who has been serving as archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kuching since 2017.[1] He served as an auxiliary bishop of the same archdiocese from 2015 to 2017.

Early life and education[edit]

Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng was born on 15 April 1963, in Sri Aman, Sarawak, to Joseph Poh and Geraldine Poh. The oldest child in the family, he has two sisters, Irene and Doreen, and two brothers, Raymond and Norman. From 1970 to 1975, Poh attended St. Joseph's primary school. He then continued his studies at St. Joseph's Secondary School from 1976 to 1982. He and his family converted to Catholicism between the years 1979 and 1980. After becoming a Catholic, Poh joined the school's club, Young Christian Students, the Legion of Mary, and St. Joseph's Cathedral's altar servers.[2]

Ordination and ministry[edit]

The parish priest of the church Poh attended at the time, Fr. Josef Wassermann, greatly inspired him due to his commitment and dedication. In 1982, Poh decided to enter the seminary at St. Peter's College Major Seminary, Kuching. During his years as a seminarian, he learnt to master and speak few languages of natives such as Bidayuh, and Iban. At the age of 25, Poh was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Peter Chung Hoan Ting on 31 July 1988.[3]

In 1996, Poh obtained a Licentiate in Missiology from the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome, Italy. He returned back to Kuching and served as parish rector for four years at St. Ann's Church, Kota Padawan. Poh then became the director of the Commission for Vocations and also served as Spiritual Director of the Commission for Youth.[2]

Poh also worked as Chancellor of the archdiocese, Member of the College of Consultors, Professor of Missiology, and Spiritual Director of St. Peter's College Major Seminary. Besides serving as assistant parish rector of St. Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching, he also coordinated the archdiocesan commission on mission and evangelisation. In 2001, he studied Mandarin at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan.[2]

Poh was officially appointed parish rector of the cathedral in 2012. In 2015, he earned a Doctorate in Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana, United States.[2]

Poh has spent much of his priesthood guiding members of the Church through the youth ministry. He has spent nearly 20 years ministering to youths and is passionate about youth ministry.[2]

Episcopal ministry[edit]

Auxiliary bishop of Kuching[edit]

On 9 July 2015, Pope Francis appointed Poh as auxiliary bishop of Kuching and titular bishop of Sfasferia.[4] He received his episcopal consecration on 24 September 2015 from Archbishop John Ha Tiong Hock with Archbishop Peter Chung Hoan Ting and Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom, serving as co-consecrators.[1][5]

Archbishop of Kuching[edit]

On 5 March 2017, Poh was appointed Archbishop of Kuching by Pope Francis to succeed Archbishop John Ha Tiong Hock who resigned for early retirement.[6][7] He took canonical possession of the diocese and was installed on 20 March 2017.[8]

Coat of arms[edit]

Coat of arms of Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng
Bible with text 1 Peter 5:1-11, chalice composed using the Chinese character with the IHS Christogram, jug with water and baruk icon
On the shield:
    • Bible with text 1 Peter 5:1-11 – representing the words of the Saint Peter, who is also the patron Saint for Archbishop Poh. In these verses, he speaks to him as a brother bishop and also to those who will be ministering with him.
    • Chalice – composed using the Chinese character 聖 (Holy), symbolises the Holy Eucharist as "the source and summit of the Christian life" with the IHS Christogram above it. This also represents Archbishop Poh's cultural root.
    • Jug with water – symbolises the foot washing and ministry of Jesus, the water inside the jug stands for the waters of Baptism.
    • Baruk icon – baruk is a traditional Bidayuh community house, where the whole village gathers to meet, discuss and worship. This icon represents the indigenous communities in the Archdiocese of Kuching. The design of this icon is based on the tabernacle in St. Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching, with seven steps representing the seven Sacraments.


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