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Simon Rose (born 14 October 1957 in Newcastle)[1] A former BBC Radio researcher for BBC Light Entertainment programmes including Weekending, The News Quiz, News Huddlines and Not the Nine O' Clock News. Rose also worked on business news on BBC Radio 4's The Today Programme.[2]

He developed and shared screenwriting and executive producer credits for The Flying Scotsman, a small British film which received 5 nominations at the 60th International Edinburgh Film Festival 2006.[3]

He has written a range of 13 books including Complete and Utter Zebu with Steve Caplin, which examines the deceptions and corruptions that the media, politicians and corporations apply to everyone's daily life[4] and Fun and Games for the 21st Century Family- a guide for families to entertain young children.

A secular Jew,[5] he lives in Southfields with his wife Jane, his two daughters Connie and Isabel and his son Joseph and has contributed to many publications.


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