Simon Sez

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This article is about the film. For the song, see Simon Sez (song).
Simon Sez
Poster of the movie Simon Sez.jpg
Directed by Kevin Elders
Produced by Moshe Diamant
Ringo Lam[1]
Screenplay by Andrew Lowery
Andrew Miller[1]
Story by Moshe Diamant
Rudy Cohen[1]
Starring Dennis Rodman
Dane Cook
Natalia Cigliuti
John Pinette
Music by Brian Tyler[1]
Cinematography Avraham Karpick[1]
Edited by Alain Jakubowicz[1]
Signature Films[1]
Distributed by Independent Artists Films
Columbia Pictures
Release dates
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States[1]
Box office $292,152

Simon Sez is a 1999 action comedy film starring Dennis Rodman, Dane Cook, and John Pinette. The score for this film was composed by Brian Tyler.


Interpol agent Simon goes on a mission in France to save a kidnapped girl and defeat an arms dealer.


In 1998, Variety announced that Ringo Lam would direct Simon Sez with Kevin Elders.[2] Lam later only contributed to the film as a producer.[3]


The film was released in 1999, opening in Los Angeles on September 24 and then in New York on September 25.[1] The film grossed a total of $292,152.[4]


Simon Sez had an extremely negative reception by critics.[5] The New York Times wrote a scathing review, saying that "its plot seems as if it had been fished out of the wastebaskets of writers who have written scores of better examples of the genre dating at least as far back as Dr. No in 1962." but praising Rodman as "inescapably watchable".[6] Entertainment Weekly gave the film a D- rating referring to the film as "a shoddy mess" and "a bargain-basement rip-off of Ronin and that Rodman was "yesterday’s threatening omni-sexual exhibitionist turned today’s overexposed cliché."[7]


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