Simon Pietersz Verelst

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Flower still life

Simon Pietersz Verelst (1644–1710) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.


Verelst was born in The Hague. According to the RKD he was the son of Pieter Harmensz Verelst and became a pupil in the Confrerie Pictura at the same time as his brother Herman in 1663.[1] In 1668 he moved to London, where he died. He called himself "the God of Flowers", but is known for portraits as well as flower and fruit still life paintings.[1]

Pieter Hermansz Verelst 1618–1688
Simon Pietersz Verelst 1644–1710Herman Verelst 1641–1690Johannes Verelst 1648–1734
Maria Verelst 1680-1744Cornelis Verelst 1667–1734
William Verelst 1704-1752