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Washington Street in Boston, with "S. Wing's Ferrotype" sign, circa 1871.

Simon Wing (1827 –1911) was a daguerreotypist and camera inventor and socialist politician. He is best remembered as the first candidate of the Socialist Labor Party of America for President of the United States, running for that office in 1892.


Early years[edit]

Simon Wing was born in Saint Albans Somerset County, Maine in 1827.

As a photographer and ferrotypist, he kept a studio on Washington Street in Boston.[1]

Wing spent most of his life living in the town of Watertown, Massachusetts.

Political career[edit]

Wing was an active member of the Socialist Labor Party of America (SLP) and stood as its first nominee for President of the United States in 1892, heading a ticket with Brooklyn, New York electrician Charles H. Matchett. The SLP ran tickets in six states in that year, garnering a total vote of 21,512.[2]

Death and legacy[edit]

Simon Wing died in 1911 at his home in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He was 84 years old at the time of his death.


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Photo of Watertown, Massachusetts by Simon Wing

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