Simon Young (presenter)

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Simon Young
Nationality Irish
Occupation Broadcaster
Employer Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ)
Known for The Beatbox

Simon Young is a former Irish radio and television presenter with RTÉ 2fm. He presented The Beatbox. He was also known for making contributions to the cult children's television strand, Dempsey's Den, hosted by his radio colleague at that time, Ian Dempsey. He resigned from RTÉ in 2002 and disappeared from public until 2011.[1]

Young is distinguishable by his moustache which he grew when he was 15 after noticing in the RTÉ Guide that people who worked in RTÉ had moustaches. Tony Fenton affectionately called him "Simes."[2]


Young presented Simon's Choice or Simon's Saturday Choice on Saturday mornings from 10:00 - 13:00 in the late 1980s. The catchphrase "Hey Simon, What toime is ittt?" originates from this time. Choice was a marketing tool used by the Bank of Ireland, which offered cheap "Fair Cards" for under-26s who opened a "Choice" account at one of their branches.[3]

Young gave the British band Bros his approval as they gained minor success with the song, "When Will I Be Famous?".

Young made regular substitute appearances for Ian Dempsey, and these appearances extended as far as the children's television favourite Dempsey's Den on RTÉ Two. He was often seen in convulsions laughing at Dustin the Turkey, which at times rendered him speechless on camera. Young's other radio shows included The Beatbox and the 2FM Weekend Breakfast Show on Saturday and Sunday in the late 1990s. Young also filled the role of Jimmy in the 30-minute Jimmy's Slot for a time on Dempsey's 2fm breakfast show in the 1990s, popularising the phrase "Ger owa dat garden!" After Young was forced to leave 2fm, the station continued broadcasting Ireland's Biggest Jukebox, currently fronted by station controller John Clarke.

Young stopped working for RTÉ in 2002. He returned to the public in July 2011 when he gave an interview to Hot Press.[1]

Young appeared on RTÉ Radio 1's The John Murray Show in August 2011 and talked about his battle with depression and alcoholism. He said during the interview that he had been hospitalised for half of the previous nine years. The Irish Times called the interview with Young the "radio moment of the week ... Easy listening it was not."[4]


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