Simone Segouin

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Simone Segouin
"Nicole" a French Partisan Who Captured 25 Nazis in the Chartres Area, in Addition to Liquidating Others, Poses with... - NARA - 5957431 - cropped.jpg
"Nicole", a French Partisan who captured 25 Germans in the Chartres area, posing with a German MP 40 with which she is most proficient (August 1944 caption)
Born (1925-10-03) October 3, 1925 (age 94)
Other namesNicole Minet
Known forFrench Resistance fighter

Simone Segouin, also known by her nom de guerre Nicole Minet (born October 3, 1925), is a former French Resistance fighter who served in the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans group. Among her first acts of resistance was stealing a bicycle from a German military administrator, which she then used to help carry messages.[1][2] She went on to take part in large-scale or otherwise perilous missions, such as capturing German troops, derailing trains, and blowing up bridges.[1]

She was present at the liberation of Chartres on August 23, 1944, and the liberation of Paris two days later.[3] She was promoted to lieutenant and awarded the Croix de guerre. After the war, Segouin became a pediatric nurse.[1] A street in Courville-sur-Eure was named for her.[1][4]


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