Simpang Renggam

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Simpang Renggam
Skyline of Simpang Renggam
Flag of Simpang Renggam
Coat of arms of Simpang Renggam
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 1°50′N 103°19′E / 1.833°N 103.317°E / 1.833; 103.317Coordinates: 1°50′N 103°19′E / 1.833°N 103.317°E / 1.833; 103.317
Country Malaysia
Simpang Renggam District Council

Simpang Renggam (Chinese:新邦令金) is a town in the southern half of Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia. It lies on the old main trunk road that used to take the majority of the north–south traffic going through Johor before the opening of the North–South Expressway.

Simpang Renggam houses the 5th Battalion Royal Malaysian Police General Operation Force (Malay: Pasukan Gerakan AM PGA Batalion 5).

The Simpang Renggam Prison, built in 1986, is located near the town.[1][2] Under the prison administration is the Simpang Renggam Behavioural Rehabilitation Centre, the largest drug rehabilitation centre in the country.

In 2004 over 1,500 tons of toxic waste were found stored in an abandoned brick factory. The toxic waste had been illegally imported from Taiwan.[3] As of 2006 the toxic waste still had not been taken care of.[4]



The town is accessible by bus from Larkin Sentral (2, 888) in Johor Bahru.[5]

See also[edit]

  • Renggam, approximately 12 km northeast


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