SimpleBurn (software)

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SimpleBurn (software)
Simpleburn - new logo.png
SimpleBurn 1.6.3.png
Developer(s) Frank Endres
Initial release January 2009 (2009-01)
Stable release 1.6.5 / 9 August 2012; 2 years ago (2012-08-09)
Written in C
Operating system Unix-like
Type Optical disc authoring
License CeCILL

SimpleBurn is a minimalistic application for burning and extracting CDs and DVDs. It is a GUI written in GTK+ and released under the CeCILL license. It supports multiple media and devices detection methods (currently Udev or LibCDIO), and multiple burning suites (currently CDRTools, CDRKit, LibBurnia+CDParanoia/LibCDIO+CDRDAO).

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