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SimpleDL is digital collection management software that allows for the upload, description, management and access of digital collections and is UTF-8 compatible. SimpleDL is not limited by format and is capable of handling documents, PDFs, images, videos, audio files, and data only objects. In addition to simple digital files, SimpleDL can also connect content so multipage documents, scores, or books can be uploaded and organized into chapters, books or by page number. SimpleDL can also combine any number of images into one display object. SimpleDL is mostly used by libraries, archives, museums, government agencies, universities, corporations, historical societies, and other organizations that wish to host a digital collection.


SimpleDL is standards-based and supports numerous industry standards including Unicode, Qualified Dublin Core, XML, and OAI-PMH. The metadata is based on Dublin Core, a flexible extensible metadata standard created by OCLC in 1995. Dublin Core has been accepted as an NISO standard (NISO Standard Z39.85-2001).

The Process: How It Works[edit]

Digital items can be added to a SimpleDL digital collection through standard web browsers and standard web interfaces. Items can be added one at a time or in batches. The digital collections reside on a SimpleDL Server, either installed locally or on an SimpleDL-hosted server.

Additional collection management functions are available such as creating and editing metadata templates, administering the use of controlled vocabularies, importing metadata (tab-delimited text), exporting metadata in XML, generating OCR during the import export using the OCR Extension, and viewing statistical reports.


Searching abilities are provided by a custom Solr build, permanent storage is provided by MySQL database engine, and pages are served through the Apache HTTP Server and PHP. SimpleDL also has an option to store and deliver the digital documents with Amazon S3 to provide high durability of files. SimpleDL hosted collections are hosted using Amazon EC2 servers.

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