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SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.11.png
Original author(s)Maarten Baert
Developer(s)Maarten Baert
Stable release
0.4.3 / December 26, 2020; 5 months ago (2020-12-26)
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Operating systemLinux
TypeScreencasting software

SimpleScreenRecorder is a Qt-based screencast software made for Linux operating systems, which was created as a simpler alternative to programs such as ffmpeg/avconv and VLC.[1][2]


SimpleScreenRecorder can capture a video-audio record of the entire computer screen or part of it,[3] or records OpenGL applications such as video games directly. The program synchronizes the captured video and audio properly, reduces the frame rate of the video if the user's computer is too slow, and is fully multithreaded. Users can pause and resume recording by clicking a button or by pressing a hotkey. The program can also show statistics about the computer's performance during recording.[4] The program allows users to select options for the screen capture such as 'Follow the cursor' and 'Record the cursor'.[5] SimpleScreenRecorder can output video and audio into many final file container formats. These distinct video and audio encodings are also customizable.[6][7] The resolution and frame rate of the resulting video may be set prior to recording, as may the audio quality of the video.[8]

Comparison to other Screencast software[edit]

SimpleScreenRecorder has been described as the Fraps of Linux.[1][2][4]

When recording openGL applications or games, SimpleScreenRecorder is capable of interjecting a library command upon launch to facilitate proper screen capture. SimpleScreenRecorder does not require a large disk-cache like glc,[9] where glc requires a two-step process in order to create a final and playable multimedia file. ScreenRecorder encodes on the fly while the screen is being recorded, and a multimedia file can be 'saved' after the user clicks on a 'Save the recording' button.

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