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Simple DNS Plus
Simple dns plus v5 screen shot.png
Developer(s) JH Software
Stable release
5.2 / 23 April 2009
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type DNS server
License proprietary


Simple DNS Plus is a DNS server software product that runs on x86 and x64 editions of Windows operating system.

All options and settings are available directly from a Windows user interface. It provides wizards for common tasks such as setting up new zones, importing data, making bulk updates, etc.

It has full support for IPv6. It has an option to control protocol preference (IPv4 / IPv6) on dual-stack computers, and it can even act as IPv6-to-IPv4 or IPv4-to-IPv6 forwarder.

It has full support for internationalized domain names (IDNs). You can enter domain names with native characters directly (no punycode conversion needed), and have an option to display native character or punycoded domain names anywhere in the user interface, and quickly switch between these modes.

You can create DNS records or entire zone files from other applications or web-sites and prompt Simple DNS Plus to dynamically load and use this through command line options, a simple HTTP API, and a full .NET/COM programming API.

Simple DNS Plus is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and is 100% managed code, protecting it from common security issues such as buffer overruns, and making it run natively on both 32 bit and 64 bit CPUs and Windows versions, including Windows Vista.

History / Versions[edit]

Version numbers, date released, and new feature highlights

Version 1.00 - June 3rd 1999[edit]

  • First official release

Version 2.00 - December 10th 1999[edit]

Version 3.00 - August 24th 2000[edit]

  • Import wizard
  • Zone file sharing
  • Support for HINFO, MB, MG, MINFO, MR AFSDB, ISDN, RP, RT, X25, NSAP, and ATMA records
  • Standard Zone files compatible with BIND
  • Command line options

Version 3.20 - April 2nd 2001[edit]

Version 3.50 - October 3rd 2003[edit]

Version 3.60 - June 27th 2004[edit]

  • TSIG signed dynamic updates
  • Domain specific forwarding
  • Stealth DNS

Version 4.00 - April 10th 2005[edit]

  • Automatic SPF records
  • NAT IP Alias
  • Record and zone comments
  • Bulk update wizard
  • Zone groups

Version 5.0 - January 17th 2008[edit]

Version 5.0 was re-written for the .NET Framework 2.0

Version 5.1 - July 8th 2008[edit]

Version 5.2 - April 23rd 2009[edit]

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