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Simple Desktop Display Manager
Original author(s) Abdurrahman Avci
Developer(s) Abdurrahman Avci, KDE, LXDE/LXQt team, Maui project[1]
Initial release 19 March 2013; 3 years ago (2013-03-19)[2]
Stable release
0.13.0 / 4 November 2015; 14 months ago (2015-11-04)[3]
Development status Active
Written in C++11
Type Session manager
License GPLv2+

Simple Desktop Display Manager (SDDM) is a display manager (a graphical login program and session manager) for the X11 and Wayland windowing systems.[4] SDDM was written from scratch in C++11 and supports theming via QML.[5]

SDDM is free and open-source software subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License version two or later.


In 2013, Fedora KDE members decided to default to SDDM in Fedora 21.[6]

Simple Desktop Display Manager was adopted as default graphical login program by Hawaii.[7]

KDE chose SDDM to be the successor of the KDE Display Manager for KDE Plasma 5.[7][8]

The LXQt developers recommend SDDM as a display manager.[9]

See also[edit]

  • GDM, the default graphical login program of GNOME
  • LightDM, the default graphical login program of Ubuntu


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