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Simplenote is a note taking application. The application works on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Macintosh, and Kindle, and can also be accessed via most browsers as a web service.[1] There is a premium version with extra features that includes syncing Simplenote with Dropbox.[2] In addition, the Mac OS X program Notational Velocity, and the Microsoft Windows utility ResophNotes, can also sync with Simplenote.[3][3] The application was reviewed by Mac Life,[4] reviewed in the book Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better,[5] and covered in the book The Business of IPhone and IPad App Development.[6] On Jan 24, 2013 Simplenote app maker Simperium was acquired by Automattic, and is now available for Android.[7]

There is an OS X Dashboard widget "DashNote", that quickly and easily access a Simplenote account from OS X dashboard.

Developer Charl Botha has also created "nvPY", a cross-platform SimpleNote client, released under the BSD license, which runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X.


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