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Cristine Holo Rotenberg
Personal information
BornCristine Raquel Rotenberg[1][2]
(1988-10-17) October 17, 1988 (age 30)[3]
OccupationCrime statistics analyst, YouTuber
Partner(s)Benjamin "BEYN" Mazowita (Drink Slave)
YouTube information
Also known asSimply Nailogical, Simply Not Logical[4][5]
Years active2014–present
GenreBeauty, comedy, vlog, nail art
Subscribers7,237,929(Simply Nailogical)
2,719,413 (Simply Not Logical)
Total views1,370,433,975 (Simply Nailogical)
170,449,931 (Simply Not Logical)
Associated actsBunny Meyer, Joey Graceffa, Safiya Nygaard, Threadbanger
Catchphrase(s)"Well, Holo there."
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers
Updated February 18, 2019

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg (born October 17, 1988), commonly known as "Simply Nailogical", is a Canadian YouTube personality, crime and health statistics analyst,[4] and former child actress. She is known for her role in commercials as a child and for creating nail art tutorials.

As of June 2019, Cristine's main YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers, while her secondary channel has over 2.6 million subscribers. Collectively, her two channels have over 1 billion views and 9.6 million subscribers.

Cristine has been praised for her humor [4] and welcoming YouTube presence. J-14 magazine describes her as "the face of nail art in the internet world".[6] Cristine describes herself as having an "out-of-the-box" approach to beauty tutorials.[4]

Early life[edit]

Cristine Rotenberg was born October 17, 1988 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.[3] She has one sister, Jennifer, who is featured in some of her videos. From 1996 to 2001, Cristine starred in 15[7] commercials for various children's products including Furby and Fib Finder.[8] At age 13, she played the role of Young Sophia[3] in the 2002 film Charms for the Easy Life. She eventually decided to stop acting to focus on school.

In 2014[1] Cristine received a master's degree in sociology with a concentration in criminology[9] from Carleton University.[1][2]

Internet career[edit]


Shortly after defending her master's thesis,[10] Cristine launched her Simply Nailogical blog in February 2014.[11] Prior to making videos, she had already been posting pictures of her nail art on the blog and on Instagram for nearly a year. Her blog has been inactive since June 2016.


Cristine launched her first channel, Simply Nailogical, in June 2014. She initially focused on short nail art videos that were less than a minute long. She also posted 15 second versions of videos she had on her Instagram at the time. After numerous requests from fans asking to hear her voice, she became more outgoing on YouTube. She began to record voiceovers in her videos, made her tutorials longer, and eventually appeared on-camera.

Cristine coined the term "holosexual", which describes someone who is obsessed with holographic things; she calls her followers this as well.[12]

In June 2016, Cristine posted a video of herself applying over 100 coats of nail polish titled "100+ Coats of Nail Polish #POLISHMOUNTAIN".[13] The video quickly went viral, and was copied by many other YouTubers,[14] such as Jenna Marbles.[15] As of June 2019, the video has over 24 million views, making it one of Cristine's most popular videos to date. The Daily Dot praised Simply Nailogical's video, calling it one of 2016's most popular video trends.[5] Soon after the video was posted, her subscriber count doubled.[5] Her video was featured in the Fine Brothers' College Kids React series in August 2016.[16]

Since her viral video, Cristine's main channel primarily focuses on nail art tutorials, humour skits, and beauty tutorials. Some videos feature her cats Menchie and Zyler, her boyfriend Ben, and several family members, her sister Jennifer and her father being the most common.[12]

In September 2015, Cristine created her second YouTube channel, Simply Not Logical. She began posting videos there in August 2016, with her first video being titled "SimplyMailogical #1".[17] On this channel, Cristine primarily posts vlogs and content outside of her usual nail art tutorials.


Cristine has done collaborations with many different youtubers such as Tati Westbrook, Threadbanger, Safiya Nygaard, Manny MUA, and Nicole Concillo.

Nail polish[edit]

Cristine Rotenberg has collaborated with several nail polish-producing companies to create collections or specific colors. The Simplynailogical collection by F.U.N. Lacquer consisted of six holographic colors[18] in three separate shades: pink, blue, and black with each having their respective linear holo version. She promoted the collection in a video on her channel and on her blog.[19] Through collaboration with the site Live Love Polish, she released two Starrily brand nail polishes called "Menchie the Cat" and "Zyler the Cat", named after her cats. Included in the same set were the polishes "Hustler" and "Adventure Capitalist."[20]

In July 2019 Cristine has introduced her own nail polish line - Holo Taco.[21] The stock at launch sold out within an hour, and the pre-order near the end of July sold out within a few hours.


In May 2017, Cristine and her boyfriend Ben raised $25,000 for the Ottawa Humane Society by selling merchandise with images of their cats. As a result of their work, a room in the humane society was named after their two cats, Menchie and Zyler.[22][23]

On August 19, 2017, Cristine announced that she would be giving away one semester's worth of tuition to a subscriber who was currently enrolled in a Canadian college or university, to motivate them to pursue higher education.[24][25] On September 8, 2018, she announced a similar giveaway with two winners.[26][27] On 17th August, 2019, she announced another tuition giveaway, but this time with three winners.

Personal life[edit]

Cristine Rotenberg works full time as a crime and health statistics analyst at Statistics Canada,[28] and currently resides in Ottawa, Canada with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mazowita, and their two cats, Menchie and Zyler.[citation needed]


Year Film Role Notes
2002 Charms for the Easy Life Young Sophia TV movie

She has also acted in various commercials like the Fib Finder, Furbys, an insurance commercial, and a Wizard of Oz theatrical performance.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Following her viral videos and newfound YouTube popularity, Cristine was nominated for Breakout Creator at the 2016 Streamy Awards. She lost to Liza Koshy.[29]

At the 2017 Streamy Awards, Cristine was nominated for an award in Beauty.[30]

Year Award Category Result
2016 The Streamy Awards Breakout Creator Nominated
2017 Best Beauty Program Nominated


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