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Developer(s) Donya Labs AB
Stable release
Operating system Windows 32/64 bit
License Proprietary

Simplygon is a 3D computer graphics software for automatic 3D-optimization, based on proprietary methods for creating Level of detail LODs, through smart Polygon mesh reduction and other optimization techniques.

Since the launch of Simplygon, the product has been licensed by a number of AAA game studios.[1][2][3]

The algorithms in Simplygon are designed to also optimize different type of input forms, and a number of visualization projects outside gaming are currently deploying this technology in areas such as architecture, 3D CAD, 3D scan, 3D web and 3D printing.

Supported Platforms and formats[edit]

Simplygon is available as an API with a 3D format agnostic interface allowing for integration with any open or proprietary format, on Windows. The common formats FBX and COLLADA are also available.

The product is available as plugins for the following DCC tools:

Game Engines[edit]

Simplygon integration is available for the following game engines:


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