Simpson Pot

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Simpson Pot
Location Kingsdale, North Yorkshire
OS grid SD 6961 7786
Coordinates 54°11.738′N 2°28.028′W / 54.195633°N 2.467133°W / 54.195633; -2.467133Coordinates: 54°11.738′N 2°28.028′W / 54.195633°N 2.467133°W / 54.195633; -2.467133
Depth 112 metres (367 ft)[1]
Length 884 metres (2,900 ft)[1]
Elevation 376 metres (1,234 ft)[1]
Discovery 1940[2]
Geology Carboniferous limestone
Entrances 1
Difficulty Grade 4
Hazards water, verticality
Access Free
Cave survey On Cavemapper

Named after Eli Simpson,[2] Simpson Pot is one of several entrances into the West Kingsdale System in North Yorkshire, England.

It is popular with cavers, as it is possible to descend it by abseiling down the pitches, retrieving the rope each time, and exiting from the Valley Entrance of the Kingsdale Master Cave, located at the base of the hill.

A trip through Simpson Pot consists of a series of short pitches, a duck through The Blasted Hole, followed by the 21 metres (69 ft) deep Slit Pot at the bottom of which is the junction with Swinsto Hole. A small pitch and some low passages leads into the Kingsdale Master Cave stream way. This is followed downstream to a sump, above which a previously equipped ascent is made into the Roof Tunnel at the end of which is the Valley Entrance.

At one point the water disappears into a shaft, with the normal way on being over into a dry passage. Occasionally, cavers abseil into this and are unable to retreat, requiring rescue.[3]

Other nearby caves which also connect to the West Kingsdale System include Swinsto Hole, Rowten Pot, Jingling Pot, Aquamole Pot and Valley Entrance.


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