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Simulation123 logo.gif
Available in English
Owner James Byrne, Paul Liston
Created by James Byrne
Commercial No
Registration Optional; required to post
Launched 2007

Simulation123 is a not-for-profit global group to support simulation enthusiasts. Developed by Dr. James Byrne and Dr. Paul Liston from the University of Limerick in Ireland as an academic exercise, it is a centralised web-space where users can meet to discuss anything related to simulation. It is one of the first web applications to exploit Web 2.0 to support simulation.[1]


Simulation123 a not-for-profit group whose goals are to provide support and education for academic researchers and users of simulation technology. Founded in 2007, membership will always be free. Currently there are over one thousand members within this group (over 400 on the simulation123 site, and over 800 through the associated LinkedIn group). Members are welcome and encouraged to discuss, share, collaborate and seek support for any topics relating to simulation, such as news, events and both open-source and commercial software.


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