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Simulations Canada is the name of a Canadian board wargame publisher established in Nova Scotia in 1977. The company was founded by Stephen Newberg and was one of only a handful of companies devoted to publishing wargames at that time. Other companies such as Avalon Hill and Simulations Publications, Inc. did not accept unsolicited submissions, resulting in the creation of the company.[citation needed]

Stephen Newberg, with assistance from other designers and graphic artists, produced a relatively large output of games in the first years of the company, focusing on a wide mix of historical subjects not covered by other publishers.

As the wargames industry grew, Simulations Canada made a number of text-only computer wargames that include a traditional board-game map and counters.[1] In 2001, Simulations Canada entered into a partnership with Matrix Games to publish some of Simulations Canada's computer titles. In 2004, another partnership with Omega Games saw the rerelease of some of their board game titles.

Simulations Canada is currently based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and continues to create and produce innovating materials.


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