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SIN 34
Sin 34 2011-12-17 04.JPG
December 17, 2011 at the Santa Monica Civic for the GV30 event
Background information
Origin Santa Monica, California, United States
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk
Years active 1981–1984, 2008–2012[1]
Labels Spinhead, Grand Theft Audio, Sinister Torch
Associated acts Painted Willie, Circle One, NOFX
Past members

Julie Lanfeld-Keskin
Dave Markey
Phil Newman (R.I.P)
Michael F. Glass

Mike Vallejo - guitar (1981)

Chris Pedersen - guitar (1981)
Scott Silverman - guitar (1981)

SIN 34 was an American hardcore punk rock band formed in 1981 in Santa Monica, California. The band was one of the first U.S. hardcore bands to feature a female frontperson, if not the first. The band's rhythm section would go on to form Painted Willie in 1984, and sign with SST Records in 1985, and embarking on a six-month national US tour with Black Flag in 1986. Reforming out of the blue in 2008, SIN 34 would once again play shows primarily in their native southern California through 2012. Longtime member and primary songwriter Phil Newman died after an apparent accident on a sail boat, February 22, 2015;[2] the band has no plans to continue.



SIN 34 was named from the Los Angeles UHF television station Spanish International Network, channel 34. The band was established by vocalist Julie "Jules" Lanfeld and drummer Dave Markey, who met at a Middle Class show at the Starwood in West Hollywood. Realizing their common bond of punk rock and interest in bands like Black Flag and Devo, Dave and Julie decided to form their own. Agreeing that "SIN 34" would be a good name after Julie noticed it written in magic marker on Dave's backpack, Julie asked classmate Phil Newman to join on bass. The band initially rehearsed as a three piece until the introduction of Circle One guitarist Mike Vallejo. Vallejo played a few shows before returning to his main band, soon to be replaced by Chris Pedersen, who went on to star in the 1984 film Suburbia, and finally finding permanence with guitarist Mike Glass.[3]

Sin 34 played shows opening for bands including Dead Kennedys, T.S.O.L., Social Distortion, Fear and Circle Jerks. Their first and earliest recordings were featured on the cassette compilations Meathouse and Charred Remains. In 1982 the band recorded their debut EP, Die Laughing, on Spinhead Records, ran by bassist Phil Newman, a self-produced and promoted record that quickly sold 1,500 copies. The band appeared on a series of local compilations such as Smoke 7's Sudden Death, Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record on Nu Underground Records and the We Got Power: Party or Go Home LP. 1983 saw the band recording a full-length album, Do You Feel Safe, at Mystic Records, under the supervision of Circle Jerks guitarist Greg Hetson, again released by Spinhead Records. The album would sell 2,500 copies in its original pressing.[4]

Sin 34 experienced local and national college radio airplay as well as receiving positive reviews in fanzines. In March 1983, Julie was featured in an article in Thrasher magazine highlighting her skateboarding abilities.[5] The band continued to play shows as well as re-recording the song "12 Hour Trip" for Dave Markey's film Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.[6] (The soundtrack originally released on Gasatanka Records in 1984, was re-issued by SST Records in 1987, re-released in an expanded edition CD by Sympathy For The Record Industry in 1997). Sin 34 was also among several bands released on Mystic Records' Mystic Sampler #1 along with Suicidal Tendencies, Ill Repute, Minutemen, Vox Pop and The Mentors. In September 1984, Sin 34 disbanded due to internal pressures, among other issues.


In March 1995 record label Grand Theft Audio released the CD compilation Die Listening, a play on their earlier EP Die Laughing, containing most of their earlier 4- and 8-track recordings as well as compilation tracks, an interview conducted by Tim Yohannon on Maximum Rocknroll radio, as well as live recordings from L.A.'s Grand Olympic Auditorium. 1995 also saw appearances on two compilation re-releases; Buried Alive (The Best from Smoke Seven Records) 1981-1983 (Bomp! Records) and Teaching Your Bird to Talk (Beat Generation Records). In 1996, Bomp! included them on the Buried Alive Vol. 2 compilation.[7]


In 2008, after a 24-year hiatus, Julie Lanfeld initiated the reformation of the band with the original line-up of Phil Newman, Mike Glass and Dave Markey. The band played a series of shows in the southern California area, and re-released their first EP Die Laughing into the iTunes catalog.[8]


On August 2, 2011, American punk rock group NOFX released an untitled EP of cover versions of hardcore punk songs through Fat Wreck Chords and included a version of SIN 34's "Say We Suck".[9] In December 2011 SIN 34 plays one of the largest shows of the band's reformation at GV30[10] in which radio station KROQ honored Gary Tovar and Goldenvoice Productions for 30 years as concert promoters. This event took place at Sin 34's hometown of Santa Monica at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Bands on the bill included Bad Religion, T.S.O.L., Youth Brigade and The Grim.[11]


The SIN 34 logo was featured on the cover of Markey's book We Got Power,[12] which chronicled the hardcore punk scene in the 1980.s[13]

The band plays its last show June 2, 2012 at Webers in Reseda,[14] and once again goes on hiatus.


SIN 34 appeared on two different compilation releases: What Have We Wrought? A Benefit for Mike Atta on Burger Records and David Markey & Heavy Friends - Volume Infinite on Thick Syrup Records.[15]


Seattle-based independent record label Sinister Torch re-issues the band's only full-length LP Do You Feel Safe on LP, CD, cassette and digital in the fall of 2014, making the album available commercially for the first time in 30 years.[16]

Books and fanzines[edit]

  • Flipside fanzine (1982)
  • Maximum Rocknroll issue #3 (1982)
  • Thrasher skateboarding magazine (March, 1983)
  • We Got Power fanzine (May, 1983)
  • We Got Power book (October, 2012)

Film and video[edit]


Former members[edit]

  • Julie Lanfeld-Keskin - vocals
  • Phil Newman (R.I.P.)- bass
  • Michael F. Glass - guitar
  • Dave Markey - drums


Briefly in the band[edit]

  • Mike Vallejo - guitar (1981)
  • Chris Pedersen - guitar (1981)
  • Scott Silverman - guitar (1981)


Title Release Label Format
Charred Remains 1981 Version Sound Compilation Cassette
Meathouse 1982 Version Sound Compilation Cassette
Sudden Death 1982 Smoke Seven Records Compilation LP
Die Laughing 1982 Spinhead Sin 34 EP
Do You Feel Safe 1983 Spinhead Sin 34 LP
Life is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record 1983 New Underground Compilation LP
We Got Power 1983 Mystic Records Compilation LP
Mystic Sampler #1 1984 Mystic Records Compilation LP
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls 1984 Gasatanka Records Compilation LP
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls 1986 SST Records Compilation LP
Buried Alive: (The Best from Smoke Seven Records) 1981-1983 1995 Bomp! Records CD & LP Vinyl Compilation
Teaching Your Bird To Talk 1995 Beat Generation CD Compilation
Die Listening: 1981-1984 A.D. 1995 Grand Theft Audio CD
Buried Alive Vol. 2 1996 Bomp! Records CD, Album Compilation
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1997 Sympathy for the Record Industry CD
Sudden Death (reissue) 2004 Puke N Vomit Records CD Compilation
Party or Go Home (60 bands) 2004 Mystic Records CD Compilation
Mystic Sampler #1 & 2 2006 Mystic Records CD Compilation
What Have We Wrought? (Benefit for Mike Atta) 2013 Burger Records Cassette compilation
David Markey & Heavy Friends - Volume Infinite 2013 Thick Syrup Records CD & Digital release


Do You Feel Safe?' Re-issue 2014 Sinister Torch Records LP, CD, cassette, & Digital release


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