Sina Tehrani

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Sina Tehrani
Born (1981-08-30) August 30, 1981 (age 40)
Tehran, Iran
  • Researcher
  • consultant
  • advisor

Sina Tehrani (born August 30, 1981 In Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian researcher, consultant, advisor, and expert on individual and organizational growth and excellence.[1][2][3]


Tehrani earned his high school diploma from Alborz High School in Tehran. Then he entered Stanford University to pursue his studies in Management. He has a BS in Management, an MS in communications management, and a PhD in management and planning, all from the aforementioned university.[3]


Sina Tehrani works as a management consultant and business strategy developer for a number of clothing brands such as Gucci, as well as for cosmetics, hospitality management, food industry, tourism, and E-commerce companies. He is active in the fields of individual and occupational success sciences and personality growth and excellence skill building. He has been acting as an academic and Iranian university entrance exam advisor since 2010, and has contributed significantly to the achievement of a large number of top ranked students. He is the founder of a counseling center that benefits from the service of a counseling body working in various domains related to family, education, marriage, and success.[4][5][6]


Tehrani has been selected on multiple occasions as one of the best management consultants by a number of business management specialists. He has also been selected as the top academic advisor of the Iran in 2016 and 2017 by a number of educational specialists.[2][7][8][9][10]


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