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Origin Auckland, New Zealand
Genres Death metal, Thrash metal
Years active 2001–present
Labels MGS Records
Members Matt Sheppard - vocals, guitar
Matt Fawcett - guitar
Brent Fox - bass
Sam Sheppard - drums
Past members Antony Folwell
Steve Dogg
Bruce Klingenberg
Sean Parkinson
Munro Goodwin

Sinate is a New Zealand death/thrash metal band.


The band was formed in 2001 (and went under the name 'Desecrator') but did not release their debut album, Beyond Human, until September 2005.

The band had disbanded in 2003 when Sam Sheppard joined 8 Foot Sativa, followed by Matt Sheppard—but both left 8 Foot Sativa to reform Sinate in June 2005, joined by 8 Foot Sativa guitar technician Sean Parkinson and former Reprobate member Antony "The Colonel" Folwell.

In 2009 Sean Parkinson was replaced by Matt Fawcett on guitar. Fawcett had supported Sinate in shows around New Zealand as the frontman for his band 'Damned Age', for which he performed vocals & guitar. Sinate left New Zealand to live & work in Europe. Some time previous to their departure Antony Folwell left the band. They initially based themselves in Stockholm, Sweden. They found a new bass player & settled in Berlin, Germany.

In early 2010 they toured Europe supporting Marduk & Vader on many dates of their 'Funeral Nation Tour', establishing their name across Europe.

November 2010 sees them return home to New Zealand to do a national tour and spend time with relatives.

23 November 2010 Sinate announce signing to San Francisco label ((Apocrypha Records)) to release their 3rd full-length album 'To The Death' in 2011.

Late 2010 saw the departure of bassist Munro Goodwin. Brent Fox, formerly the bassist for 8 Foot Sativa, joined as a permanent member to fill in bass duties.


Early line-up[edit]

  • Matt Sheppard - vocals, guitar
  • Steve Dogg - guitar
  • Bruce Klingenberg - bass
  • Sam Sheppard - drums

Line up from 2005-2008[edit]

  • Matt Sheppard - vocals, guitar
  • Sean Parkinson - guitar
  • Antony "Colonel" Folwell - bass
  • Sam Sheppard - drums

Current line-up[edit]

  • Matt Sheppard - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Fawcett - lead guitar
  • Brent Fox - Bass
  • Sam Sheppard - drums


Date of Release Title Label
27 September 2005 Beyond Human MGS Records
20 October 2006 Violent Ambitions MGS Records
2011 To the Death

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