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Not to be confused with Sinawi.
Origin South Korea
Genres Heavy metal, speed metal
alternative rock, hard rock
Years active 1986–1991
Labels Siwan, Oasis, Seorabul, Warner Bros., Doremi, Echo Brid
Associated acts Boohwal, Seo Taiji and Boys
Website Official website
Members Shin Daechul
Kim Jungwook
Yoon Jihyun
Past members Yim Jae-beom
Kim Jong-seo
Seo Taiji
Bada Kim
Kang Jong-su
Kim Jun
Kang Gi-young
Kim Min-gi
Kim Seong-hyeon
Kim Yeong-jin
Oh Kyeong-hwan
Jeong Han-jong
Shin Dong-hyeon
Kim Kyong-won
Kim Yong
Kang han
Lee Kyung-han
Lee Dong-yeob

Sinawe (Korean: 시나위) is a heavy metal/rock band from South Korea. Led by guitarist and sole constant member Shin Daechul, they are credited as being the first heavy metal band in South Korea.[1] During its golden age in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many now renowned musicians such as Yim Jae-beom, Kim Jong-seo, Seo Taiji and Bada Kim improved their musical abilities while members of Sinawe.


Shin Daechul, the son of Shin Jung-hyeon, who is considered "the Godfather of Korean rock music," formed Sinawe in 1986 and they released their first album that same year.[2] The album, featuring Yim Jae-beom, sold 400,000 copies and the band took to the forefront of Korean heavy metal.[2] However the first of several complete lineup changes took place the following year for their second album Down and Up.[3] Kim Jong-seo provided vocals for Down and Up and the 1988 Shin Jung-hyeon cover album, but not for Freeman. He did return for 1990's Four, which also featured a young Seo Taiji on bass guitar.[4] However, Sinawe stopped activities after its release.

In 1995, Shin Daechul reformed Sinawe with new members and an alternative rock sound, and released 매맞는 아이. Singer Bada Kim was recruited for the mini album Circus in 1996[5] and would become the group's longest serving vocalist, staying until 1999's Psychodelos. A mini album was released in 2000 and the double album Cheerleading Fan the following year. Seven years after their previous album, 2006's Reason of Dead Bugs, Sinawe released the mini album Mirrorview in 2013 adding an electronic rock sound.[1] It includes a new recording of their classic "Turn Up the Radio" with current singer Yoon Jihyun.[6]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Heavy Metal Sinawe (1986)
  • Down and Up (1987)
  • Freeman (1988)
  • Four (1990)
  • 매맞는 아이 (1995)
  • 은퇴선언 (1997)
  • Psychodelos (1999)
  • Cheerleading Fan - Sinawe Vol.8 & English Album (2001)
  • Reason of Dead Bug (2006)

Mini albums[edit]

  • Circus (1996)
  • 미니앨범 (2000)
  • Mirrorview (2013)

Other work[edit]

  • 신중현 리메이크 (1988, Shin Joong-Hyeon cover album)
  • Best Collection (1988, compilation album)
  • A Tribute To 신중현 (1997, Shin Joong-Hyeon tribute album with the song "꽃잎")
  • 77 99 22 (1999, Sanulrim tribute album with the song "아니 벌써")

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