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Sincerely Yours is a Gothenburg based independent record label formed in 2005 by the Swedish electronic pop duo The Tough Alliance. The duo created the record label after they left their former label Service.[1] The Tough Alliance began by releasing their own music but has since then signed and released music from many different acts then themselves.

Besides releasing music, the record label has a history of releasing high end products such as bulletproof vests, armlets, wine, shirts and jackets. Every product, as with most of their vinyl releases, are sold in a limited edition.[2]

Bands and artists[edit]


Sincerely Yours catalog – Physical releases only (No digital singles)[3]
Artist Title Format Release date
The Tough Alliance New Waves CDEP May 2006
The Tough Alliance Escaping Your Ambitions CD September 2006
Air France On Trade Winds CDEP December 2006
The Honeydrips (Lack Of) Love Will Tear Us Apart CDS February 2007
The Tough Alliance Escaping Your Ambitions (Record version of the CD with the same name) LP March 2007
The Honeydrips Here Comes The Future CD March 2007
The Tough Alliance First Class Riot 7"-single May 2007
The Tough Alliance A New Chance CD/LP May 2007
The Honeydrips I Wouldn't Know What To Do CDS June 2007
Jonas Game New City Love 7"-single June 2007
Jonas Game ADHD CD October 2007
Joel Alme The Queen's Corner 7"-single March 2008
The Tough Alliance Neo Violence 7"-single March 2008
Joel Alme A Master of Ceremonies CD April 2008
Nordpolen Skimret CDS May 2008
Air France No Way Down CD/LP May 2008
The Tough Alliance Neo Neo (Neo Violence remixes) 12" September 2008
Nordpolen På Nordpolen CD September 2008
The Tough Alliance A New New Chance (International edition of A New Chance) CD October 2008
jj jj n° 1 7"-single March 2009
Avner Lyssna CD May 2009
Memory Cassette Call & Response 7"-single June 2009
jj jj n° 2 CD July 2009
Memory Tapes Seek Magic LP June 2009
jj a jj 12" 12" December 2009
jj jj n° 2.1 (Record version of jj n° 2, includes one extra song) LP December 2009
jj jj n° 3 CD/LP March 2010
Kendal Johansson Blue Moon 7"-single May 2010
ceo Come With Me 7"-single June 2010
ceo White Magic CD/LP June 2010
Sail A Whale A Documentation LP November 2010
ceo Illuminata 7"-single December 2010
Team Rockit Första Hjälpen 7"-single May 2011
jj No One Can Touch Us Tonight 12"-single May 2011
Team Rockit 1988 LP July 2011
jj jj nº 4 7"-single April 2012
Nordpolen Vi Är Många Som Är Vakna I Natt CD/LP March 2013


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