Sinclair Wetlands

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Lake Waipori and its surrounding wetlands, seen from the hills to the southeast. The Sinclair Wetlands are to the left of the picture

The Sinclair Wetlands are an internationally renowned wetlands located to the south west of Dunedin, New Zealand, at the southern edge of the Taieri Plains on the western side of Lake Waipori. The protected area covers a little over 3 km2.

The wetlands are home to many species of birds including scaup, swans and many more wetland waterfowl including the fernbird and rare bittern. A number of birds such as white herons and spoonbills occasionally frequent the area also.

The wetlands are named for Horace "Horrie" Sinclair, a local farmer who donated land to the wetlands scheme in 1984. An education centre opened in the late 1980s is located at the wetlands. The wetlands contain a small island (Whakaraupuka / Ram Island), which was in ancient times the location of a Maori settlement, Tukiauau Pa.[1]


Coordinates: 45°58′30″S 170°06′21″E / 45.9749°S 170.1057°E / -45.9749; 170.1057