Sind Regiment

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Sind Regiment
Badge of Sind Regiment.jpg
Active 1980 - Present
Country Pakistan Pakistan
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Size 29 Battalions
Regimental Centre Hyderabad
Colonel Commandant of the Sind Regiment Lieutenant General Nadeem Raza

The Sind Regiment is an infantry regiment of the Pakistan Army established on 1 July 1980. Prior to this date there had been no regiment in the Pakistan Army specifically intended to recruit primarily from the Sindhi population. It was created by the transfer of eleven battalions of The Punjab Regiment and ten battalions of The Baloch Regiment.[1] After 1989 the proportion of actual Sindhis in the Regiment was increased to over 50%. The Sind Regimental Centre is located in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Today the Regiment comprises total of 29 battalions. 40 Horse (Sind) is also affiliated with Sind Regiment.[2]

The badge of the Sind Regiment depicts crossed Sindhi axes surmounted by the star and crescent appearing above a title scroll in Urdu. All ranks wear a cherry pink beret with a red plume hackle.

Previous colonel commandants of Sind regiment have included Lt General Salim Haider, who has served as the commander, I Corps, Mangla and as the Master-General of Ordnance (MGO).[3]


The Regiment is proud of the chivalrous History and has earned following Military Awards[4]

Operational Awards



Non-operational Awards




Kargil Conflict 24th Battalion of the Regiment participated in the War and Sepoy Fazl Aman was taken POW in the war and later repatriated.



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