Sindhi Cultural Day

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Sindhi Cultural Day
Saraiki Topi (Sindhi Cap).jpg
Sindhi cap, one of the symbols of Sindhi culture
Observed byPeople of Sindh, Pakistan and by Sindhi community all over the world
SignificanceHonors the heritage and civilization of Indus Valley Civilization
Date1st Sunday of December

Sindhi Cultural Day (Sindhi: سنڌي ثقافتي ڏينھن‎, Urdu: سندھی ثقافتی دن‎), also known as 'Aekta jo ddihaarro', is widely celebrated with traditional enthusiasm to spotlight the centuries-old rich culture of Sindh. The day is celebrated all over Sindh, and amongst the Sindhi diaspora around the world. Cultural day is the celebration, demonstration of culture of Sindh, Sindhis in Sindh and Sindhi diaspora all over the world celebrate this day to demonstrate the peaceful identity of Sindhi culture and acquire the attention of the world towards the rich heritage and culture of Sindh.[1] On this jubilation people gather in all major cities of Sindh at Press Clubs, and other places and arrange various activities of literary (poetic) gatherings, Mach Katchehri (gathering in a place and sitting round in a circle and the fire on sticks in the center), musical concerts, seminars, lecture programs and rallies. It is also a symbol of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.[2]

Each year Sindhis celebrate Sindhi Cultural day worldwide on first Sunday (First week) of December. On the occasion people wearing Ajrak and Sindhi Topi, traditional block printed shawl the musical programmes and rallies are held in many cities to mark the day with zeal. Major hallmarks of cities and towns are decorated with Sindhi Ajrak to highlight the cultural values of Sindh. People across Sindh exchange gifts of Ajrak and Topi at various ceremonies. Even the children and women dress up in Ajrak, assembling at the grand gathering, where famous Sindhi singers sing Sindhi songs, which depicts peace and love message of Sindh. The musical performances of the artists compel the participants to dance on Sindhi tunes and national song ‘Jeay Sindh Jeay-Sindh Wara Jean’.

All political, social and religious organizations of Sindh, besides the Sindh culture department and administrations of various schools, colleges and universities, organize variety of events including seminars, debates, folk music programmes, drama and theatrics performances, tableau and literary sittings to mark this annual festivity. Sindhi culture, history and heritage are highlighted at the events.


Karachi: Teen Talwar wrapped in Ajrak in connection with Sindhi Cultural day
Sindhi Cultural Day 2016
Sindhi Cultural Day-VID

Cultural day is observed to display solidarity among the Sindhi-speaking masses; the event is celebrated throughout Sindh and all over the world. The culture and heritage day was celebrated for the first time on December 6, 2009 (as the Sindhi Topi Day) as a backlash to the comments of anchorperson Dr. Shahid Masood who had criticized President Asif Ali Zardari for wearing a Sindhi cap on his foreign tours. People across the Sindh province condemned Masood’s comments via SMS, which ultimately resulted in the announcement of celebrating the Sindhi Topi Day. Ever since, Sindhi media groups have also started to celebrate the day as ‘Sindhi Cultural Day’. The Sindhi language TV channels including KTN, Sindh TV, Awaz TV and Mehran TV broadcast live and special programmes on the culture of Sindh, besides these media outlets separately arrange the mega musical events, which also attract large audience to celebrate the Culture Day every year.


This is the timeline of celebrations of the Sindhi Cultural day.[3]


The first cultural day celebrations were held on December 6, 2009.[4] Ali Kazi announced the cultural day and all Sindhis endorsed his decision.


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in December 2010.[5][6] Provincial government and Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah announced it a public holiday.[7]


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in December 2011. Government of Sindh in collaboration with media centers sponsored this event.[8]


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in December 2012.[9][10] A major gathering was held outside Karachi Press Club.[11]


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in December 2013. The US Consulate in Karachi arranged a Qawali program on the occasion.[12]


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in December 2014. The main event was arranged at Karachi Press Club.[13]


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in December 2015. The US Consulate arranged a musical program at the Consul General’s residence.[14]


This year all Sindhi media including KTN and Sindh TV mutually celebrated cultural day on 4 December.[15] Many people gathered at the Karachi Press Club, where a large stage was decorated with Pana-flexes.[16][17][18][express 1]

The US Consulate General, Karachi celebrated the cultural day of Sindh.[19] Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also celebrated in Lahore during his political program.[20][21]


Sindhi cultural day was celebrated in the first week of December, 2017 across Sindh and worldwide.[22][23] The main event was held at Karachi Press Club where people from around the city gathered.[24][25]


Sindhi cultural day is to be celebrated on Sunday, December 2, 2018. [26] [27] The theme this year was Aekta (unity). [28] [29]. People all across the province celebrated the day by arranging Ajrak stalls, cultural gatherings and rallies;[30] [31] main event in Hyderabad was arranged at Sindh Museum. [32]


In 2019, Sindhi Cultural Day is being celebrated on 1st December. [33] This day is being celebrated by Sindhi communities all over the globe even people from different communities participate on this celebration. Sindhis celebrate this day as National Eid. In Sindh province people celebrate this day by leading rally, dancing and singing Sindhi songs. From school to universities, students, teachers & parents celebrate by performing skits, studying Sindhi history, art & culture. On other hand Sindhi media in association with Sindhi Culture Department broadcast Sindhi Cultural Shows and shows school's & college's functions live on television.

Largest and longest Sindhi Ajrak in the world was exhibited in Sukkur, Sindh and 130 meters and 20 feet Sindhi Ajrak was displayed in hyderabad,[34] on the eve of Sindhi cultural Day in December 1, 2019.

Traditional Attire[edit]

It is a common site to see Sindhis covering themselves with the traditional attire while they celebrate the day. The most common two pieces of clothing regularly worn by Sindhis on this day include Ajrak and Sindhi cap. Both of these pieces hold a significant value among the locals as they are a symbol of pride, tradition, honor and respect for the culture[35].


Sindhi Cap-front view1.png
Sindhi Cap-Topview brighten.jpg
Sindhi Cap-Botton front view.jpg
Sindhi Cultural Day 2016
Sindhi Cultural Day-VID

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