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Sindicatum Sustainable Resources
Privately Held
IndustryEnvironmental Services Private Equity
Key people
Assaad W. Razzouk, CEO; Michael Boardman, CFO; Robert Driscoll, Non-Executive Director; Tom Daschle, Non-Executive Director, Sobhi Hatem, Non-Executive Director
ProductsProject management
Number of employees

Sindicatum Sustainable Resources is a global sustainable resources company headquartered in Singapore. Sindicatum Sustainable Resources is a developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects worldwide and a producer of sustainable products from natural resources and waste. Sindicatum was founded in 2005 and its key strategic shareholders include Citigroup Venture Capital International, PineBridge Investments, an independent asset manager with investment experience dating back to the 1960s, and with US $67.3 billion in assets under management, Black River Asset Management, an independently managed subsidiary of Cargill and Gulf One Bank BSC. Other shareholders include Foresight Venture Partners, a leading U.K. venture capital firm and CapitalE Group.

Sindicatum moved its headquarters from London to Singapore in 2009 to be closer to its assets, most of which are in Asia. In 2011, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources became its new trading name (replacing Sindicatum Carbon Capital) because it more accurately describes what the group does.[1]

Sindicatum develops climate change mitigation projects from conception through to implementation and long-term operation, working in partnership with companies and governments to deliver cost effective means by which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Areas of specialization include abating GHG emissions from the waste management and natural resource sectors, as well as biomass and energy efficiency applications.

Sindicatum finances, executes and applies technologies to its projects and its team of engineers, technicians and climate change specialists working across four of the largest renewable energy markets (i.e. the US, China, India and South East Asia) to identify opportunities, develop solutions, implement projects and oversee their operation. Sindicatum has raised more than US$300 million to date, of which US$200 million is invested in Asia and the United States. To date, Sindicatum has 20 projects in China, India, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Sindicatum is headquartered in Singapore and has business units and offices in New Delhi, Bangkok, Jakarta, London, Beijing, Taiyuan and Philippines.


Sindicatum won the following awards:

-Sindicatum wins The Green Organisation’s Green World Ambassador Award, June 2015 [2]

-Thailand Energy Awards 2014 for renewable energy projects associated with the transmission system (on-grid), December 2014 [3]

-Environmental Finance 2014 Market Awards, Best Project Developer and Best Primary Originator, December, 2014 [4]

-The Green Organisation’s Green World Ambassador and Green Apple Awards for its commitment to large-scale clean energy production and GHG emission reductions, November 2014 [5]

-Singapore Sustainability Award (SME Category) by the Singapore Business Federation, October 2014 [6]

-Leadership in Sustainability award at British Chamber of Commerce Singapore’s 15th Annual Business Awards, October 2014 [7]

-ASEAN Energy Awards 2014 under ‘On Grid – National Grid’ category of Renewable Energy Project Awards for its Thai Landfill-Gas-to-Energy (“LFGE”) projects, October 2014 [8]

-Commodity Business 2013 Award for Excellence in Emissions Markets as well as a special commendation for Excellence in Market Policy and Advisory, November 2013 [9]

-Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Group won the prestigious Energy Institute ‘Energy Excellence’ Award for its Duerping Project in China in 2012. The awards were announced and presented at a ceremony in London on 15 November 2012. Sindicatum’s Duerping Project was designed to optimise energy recovery from waste gas extracted from a coal mine that was previously vented to the atmosphere. Sindicatum competed with GlaxoSmithKline, the UK’s National Grid and others. Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Group also won the 2012 Commodity Business Award for Excellence in Renewable Energy Markets, as well as special commendations for Excellence in Emission Markets and Excellence in Policy and Advisory. The awards were announced and presented at a ceremony in London on 6 November 2012. Sindicatum competed with EDF, Morgan Stanley, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon and many others.[10]

-Awards won by Sindicatum in 2011 include the Excellence in Renewable Energy Markets Award and a Special commendation in the Commodity Market Policy and Advisory category by the Commodity Business Awards, the Renewable Energy and the Carbon Reduction Green Business Awards,[11] the Carbon Finance Transaction of the Year award by Environmental Finance and the Most Progressive Corporate Leader award by the Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia or ASrIA,[12] awarded to Assaad W. Razzouk, Group CEO.


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