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Not to be confused with Synergy.
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Background information
Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Heavy metal, power metal, Gothic metal
Years active 1997–2004
Labels Nuclear Blast
Associated acts Dimmu Borgir, Therion, Ancient, Children of Bodom, Waltari, Ensiferum, Impaled Nazarene, Kylähullut, Thy Serpent, Masterplan, Kotipelto, Mercyful Fate, Stratovarius, Arch Enemy
Website Sinergy on Myspace
Past members Kimberly Goss
Alexi Laiho
Jesper Strömblad
Sharlee D'Angelo
Ronny Milianowicz
Roope Latvala
Marco Hietala
Tonmi Lillman
Janne Parviainen
Lauri Porra

Sinergy was a Finnish metal band started in 1998 by American musician Kimberly Goss. Aside from Sinergy, the most notable bands Goss has been involved with are Dimmu Borgir, as keyboardist; and Children of Bodom, where she filled in live for Janne Wirman (keyboards) and also contributed lyrics. The idea for a "balls-out female-fronted metal band" was first formed when Goss met Jesper Strömblad of In Flames whilst on tour with Dimmu Borgir in 1997.


Sinergy formed when the then Dimmu Borgir keyboard player Kimberly Goss met with In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad during a joint world tour. They discussed the idea of assembling a female-fronted metal band, but were unable to achieve this due to time constraints.[1]

When Kimberly quit Dimmu Borgir and moved to Sweden, she decided that it was time to turn her project with Strömblad into a reality. The first incarnation of Sinergy was composed of them, bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (from Arch Enemy and Mercyful Fate), drummer Ronny Milianowicz and guitarist Alexi Laiho (from Children of Bodom).

The debut album Beware the Heavens was recorded in 1999 and had a basic concept: returning to the essence of woman-fronted metal bands, throwing aside the operatic elements introduced in the 90’s, and bringing back the style of singers such as Doro Pesch (from Doro and Warlock).

The album sold rather well and was received with excitement by European metal fans, but Sinergy was facing serious problems when it came to managing the time its members spent with their main bands. To complicate matters further, Kimberly moved to Finland by the end of the same year, making it almost impossible for them to meet regularly, with three of the band members residing in Sweden.

Thus, the band was essentially dissolved, but Kimberly and Alexi wanted to continue with the project. They assembled a new line-up, composed of Finnish members only. Roope Latvala (founding member of Stone, one of the bands which started the heavy metal movement in Finland) assumed the position of rhythm guitarist, Marco Hietala (from Tarot) became the bassist and Tonmi Lillman was chosen as the new drummer. This line-up recorded To Hell and Back and subsequently toured with Nightwish. By that time, Sinergy was starting to receive world recognition. This tour is perhaps most notable for being included on Nightwish’s DVD release of From Wishes to Eternity. A memorable moment is a practical joke in which a selection of support musicians made their way on stage pretending to be Nightwish. Ironically, Marco Hietala filled the role of Nightwish’s bassist Sami, who he was to replace on their next album.

On the following album, Suicide By My Side, Kimberly dropped the use of lighter, feminine vocals and switched to a rougher style.

Soon after the recording of the third album Lillman left the band. He was soon replaced by Barathrum drummer Janne Parviainen. Bassist Marco left the band shortly after, presumably due to his Nightwish commitments. The position was eventually given to Lauri Porra from metal band Warmen.

A fourth Sinergy album, Sins of the Past, began production in 2004, but due to Children of Bodom's busy schedule the album was never completed.

According to Alexi, Sinergy has disbanded, and is no longer an active music project. [2]

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