Sing, You Sinners (song)

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"Sing, You Sinners" is a popular song with music by W. Franke Harling and lyrics by Sam Coslow. In 1930 it was used in the film Honey starring Lillian Roth. (Though Bing Crosby made a 1938 Paramount musical called Sing You Sinners, this did not include the title song, according to the IMDB.)

The best-selling version was recorded by Tony Bennett on July 20, 1950. It is the title track of Erin McKeown's October 24, 2006 album. It is featured on Tony Bennett's Duet album with singer John Legend.

A good early recording is found on the album "The Song Hits of 1930 (Jazz Age Chronicles, Vol. 9)", and is sung by The Charleston Chasers. This is, perhaps, the way Coslow and Harling intended it to be performed.

A version was released in 1930 by Hit of the Week Records, credited to Harlem Hot Chocolates but actually performed by Duke Ellington and his band.

Max Fleischer’s cartoon Swing You Sinners! (1930) from the Talkartoons series is entirely based on the modified version of this song, “Swing you Sinners”.