SingStar Take That

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SingStar Take That
SingStar Take That.jpg
Developer(s) SCE London Studio
Publisher(s) SCEE
Series SingStar
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3
Release 6 November 2009
Genre(s) Karaoke

SingStar Take That is a competitive karaoke video game for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. It is the third band-specific SingStar game released in the UK, following up on SingStar ABBA and SingStar Queen.[1] It was released on 6 November 2009.[2]


SingStar games require players to sing along with music in order to score points. Players interface with their console via SingStar USB microphones while a music video plays in the background. The pitch players are required to sing is displayed as horizontal grey bars, which function similar to a musical stave, with corresponding lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen. The game analyses a player's pitch and compares it to the original track, with players scoring points based on how accurate their singing is. Different modes of SingStar may vary this basic pattern, but the principle is similar throughout.

SingStar includes a variety of game modes. The standard singing mode allows one or two people to sing simultaneously, either competitively or in a duet.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game supports trophies.


SingStar Take That was spectacularly launched at the SingStar Take That Extravaganza charity party on Wednesday 25 November 2009 at the Tabanacle in Notting Hill. The event hosted by comedian James Corden, featured a number of celebrity guests including Kate Moss, Pixie Geldof, Rachel Stevens, Remi Nicole, Paloma Faith and the band Take That themselves. The event came later than originally scheduled and after the game launched in the shops due to the unfortunate death of Gary Barlow's father. The band entertained guests by performing their popular song, Rule The World, on the PlayStation game.

Track list[edit]


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