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Album Cover of Sing by Jim Bianco
Studio album by Jim Bianco
Released March 4, 2008
Recorded 2007
Length 36.4 minutes
Label Hotel Café Records, Steady Music
Producer Brad Gordon, Jim Bianco
Jim Bianco chronology
Painkiller (EP)
Once Again, with FEELING!

Sing is the second official studio album released by recording artist Jim Bianco and the first album to be released on the Hotel Cafe Records label. Bianco has said that most of the songs on this album were composed on the piano at the Hotel Cafe after regular club hours.
In 2008, "I Got A Thing For You (Remix)" was featured in the national television ad campaign for "" and "To Hell With the Devil" was featured during an episode of "Moonlight" on CBS. Also in 2008, Bianco performed "I Got A Thing For You" on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which aired in October. In 2010, four songs from this album were featured in the film Ca$h. In 2012, "I Got A Thing For You" was featured in an episode of NBC's series The Firm.

Track listing[edit]

All songs were written by Jim Bianco.

  1. “I Got A Thing For You”–3:32
  2. “Sing”–3:36
  3. “Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt”–3:41
  4. “Painkiller”–3:16
  5. “Never Again”–2:40
  6. “If Your Mama Knew”–3:38
  7. “Wrecking Ball”–3:02
  8. “Belong”–3:11
  9. “Get On”–3:45
  10. “To Hell With The Devil”–2:34
  11. “I Got A Thing For You”(Remix)–3:39


  • Jim Bianco–vocals, guitar, piano on 2, 3, 4, 8, electric piano on 9 and 11
  • Brad Gordon–guitar, piano, electric piano, clarinet, accordion, percussion, background vocals, organ
  • Josef Zimmerman–contrabass
  • Kenny Lyon–electric guitar on 1, 3, 5, and 7
  • Matt DeMerritt–saxophone, electric pianco on 7
  • Jason Pipkin–percussion
  • Gary Jules–guest background vocals on 2 and 6
  • Cary Brothers–guest background vocals on 2 and 6
  • David Ralicke– trombone, background vocals

Additional Production Information[edit]

  • Produced by Brad Gordon and Jim Bianco
  • Mixed by Brad Gordon
  • Engineered by Brad Gordon and Sheldon Gomberg
  • Mastered by Evren Goknar at Capitol Mastering
  • All photography shot by Bethany Dwyer at Fonogenic Studios
  • Art direction by Jim Bianco
  • Art production by Tammy Bumann

Studio Information[edit]

This record was recorded at Magic Carpet Studios and The Carriage House.
Basic tracks to “Get On” recorded at The Schtude with Will Golden.

Liner Notes[edit]

Liner notes written by Jim Bianco.
“I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following people, places and things: the heart of the underdog, the heartbroken, the heartbreakers, the troublemakers, my extraordinary band, my mama and papa, dana b, MW, brad gordon, jordan burger, sir gary jules, max and marko at the hotel cafe, cary brothers, generous bartenders, julkes!, three's company, duck and nate, tim jones, sheldon gomberg, thumb wrestling as a means of flirtation, clepanto, laura crosta, kia kamran, jim infantino, the texas highway patrol, tom mcrae, steve reynolds, the entire country of japan, sarah simon, ryan hewitt, lenny and sabrina, Emergen-C, john wells, twix, will golden, lessoff, flying J, marnie, greg parkin, the pink brothers, fonogenic studios, the '86 mets, keiji matsumoto, yufu, kei and moto, anya marina, KCRW, amber T, butch walker, spare bedrooms, jon uren, the spirit of the hotel café, inside jokes, the idea of california, the altruism of CDBABY, sizable bathtubs, ye ol' supporters and fans, and to the life of a musician-where there's not much of a future, but a hell of a past…”


Bianco produced and released three videos in association with songs on this album.

I Got a Thing For You

Painkiller: Live from my kitchen

Sing: A Virtual Tour Through the Album

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