Sing My Song

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Sing My Song
Zhōngguó Hǎo Gēqǔ
Sing My Song.png
Intertitle of Sing My Song
Also known asSing My Song
GenreReality television
Created byJin Lei
Presented byYang Fan (season 3)
Negmat Rahman (seasons 1–2)
Li Jiaming (season 2)
JudgesLiu Huan (seasons 1–3)
Yu Quan (seasons 2–3)
David Tao (season 3)
Mavis Fan (season 3)
Yang Kun (season 1)
Wakin Chau (seasons 1–2)
Tanya Chua (seasons 1–2)
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin Chinese
No. of seasons3
Running timeBy episode
Original networkCCTV-3 (Arts and Entertainment)
Original releaseJanuary 3, 2014 (2014-01-03) –
April 8, 2016 (2016-04-08)
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Sing My Song (Chinese: 中国好歌曲; pinyin: Zhōngguó Hǎo Gēqǔ) is a Chinese reality talent show that premiered on 3 January 2014 on CCTV-3 (Arts and Entertainment) channel sponsored by Hangzhou Wahaha Group and Wahaha Joint Venture Company. The series is produced by the same team that produced The Voice of China and retains some of that show's format; however, a major difference is that contestants in Sing My Song must perform their original composition rather than covering songs by other artists.[1]


The series consists of three phases: the audition called "the recordings", a battle phase called "the singles", and a final called "the song". The four producers choose teams of contestants through a blind audition process. Each producer has the length of the auditioner's performance to decide if he or she wants that singer-songwriter's self-written, composed, and song sung on his or her album. If two or more producers want the same contestant (which happens frequently), the singer-songwriter has the final choice of producer.



Tutor Season
1 2 3
Liu Huan
Wakin Chau
Tanya Chua
Yang Kun
Yu Quan
Mavis Fan
David Tao

Finalists of each team[edit]

  • Note: The green background is the winning team, and the champion is bold.
Season Finalists
1 Yang Kun Tanya Chua Liu Huan Wakin Chau
Mosi Zishi (莫西子诗)
Ma Shangyou (马上又)
Ng Ling Kai (铃凯)
Xie Di (谢帝)
Henry Huo (霍尊)
Zhang Ling (张岭)
Xiang Yahong (项亚蕻)
Wang Siyuan (王思远)
2 Yu Quan Tanya Chua Liu Huan Wakin Chau
Wang Hongen [fr] (王宏恩)
Xu Jun (许钧)
Su Yunying (苏运莹)
Qi Zitan (祁紫檀)
Hanggai (杭盖乐队)
Luo Er (裸儿)
Gou Naipeng (苟乃鹏)
Dai Quan (戴荃)
3 Yu Quan Mavis Fan Liu Huan David Tao
He Jiale (何佳乐)
Man Jiang (满江)
AR Mountain People band (山人乐队)
Ceng Zhaowei (曾昭玮)
Wang Wu (王兀)


Diagram   Wakin Chau team   Tanya Chua team   Liu Huan team   Yang Kun team   Yu Quan team   Mavis Fan team   David Tao team
Season Start Date End Date Winner Runner-up 3rd place Winning tutor Host
1 January 3, 2014 March 21, 2014 Henry Huo (霍尊) Mosi Zishi (莫西子诗) Xie Di (谢帝) Liu Huan Negmat Rahman
Wang Siyuan (王思远)
2 January 2, 2015 March 13, 2015 Hanggai (杭盖乐队) Su Yunying (苏运莹) Dai Quan (戴荃) Negmat Rahman (Episodes 1 - 6)
Li Jiaming (李佳明) (Episodes 7 - End)
Xu Jun (许钧)
3 January 29, 2016 April 8, 2016 Mountain People band (山人乐队) Wang Wu (王兀) AR Yang Fan (杨帆)
Man Jiang (满江)
He Jiale (何佳乐)
Ceng Zhaowei (曾昭玮)

International versions[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

In April 2014 UK's ITV announced that there would be a British version of Sing My Song, The British Song. It is the first time that a British television network bought the distribution originally from China.[2][3]


In 2016, there was a Vietnamese version of Sing My Song, named Sing My Song Vietnam. It was produced by Cattiensa Media and aired on VTV3. The first season of the program was broadcast from November 20, 2016 to January 22, 2017.[4]

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