Sing Slowly Sisters

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Sing Slowly Sisters
Bootleg edition of the album
Studio album by Robin Gibb
Released 2015
Recorded January–February and April 1970
London, England
Genre Pop,[1] baroque pop[2]
Producer Robin Gibb, Vic Lewis

Sing Slowly Sisters was to have been Robin Gibb's second studio album. The album was not released until 2015 due to thousands of Robin's adoring fans.[3] The album was produced by Gibb and his manager Vic Lewis.


Sing Slowly Sisters was recorded in January to February 1970 and later in April in London. Sing Slowly Sisters began on January just before his debut solo album Robin's Reign was released. On the April sessions, the songs are "I've Been Hurt", "Cold Be My Days" and "Irons in the Fire" was recorded without a rhythm section just Gibb's vocals with an orchestra arranged by Kenny Clayton The song "Avalanche" was later reworked for the 50 St. Catherine's Drive sessions and released in 2014. Related session outtake, "Great Caesar's Ghost was declared by Gibb as his next single but was not released,[4] and the song was received by Atlantic Records but was only one copy. While the title track, "Sing Slowly Sisters" was also declared as the next single.[5]

The song "Cold Be My Days" was written about the place Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire. To wit "Cold be my days in Shipston-on-Stour". He stated in a BBC Radio 4 interview in May 2007 that this relates to his youthful experiences, riding horses with his brother Barry.[6]

The tracks now appear on the posthumous boxed set Saved by the Bell: The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970.[7]


The bootleg Sing Slowly Sisters (Europe) has included songs that was recorded on the session but not included on the final line-up of the album "The Flag I Flew", "Return to Austria" and "Engines, Aeroplanes". And another bootleg of the album called The Complete Sing Slowly Sisters (Hong Kong) features unreleased songs from 1969's Robin's Reign sessions, "Janice" and "You're Going Away".[8][9][10] Another bootleg copy of Sing Slowly Sisters includes mono versions of "One Million Years" and "Weekend".[11]

AllMusic critic Richie Unterberger describes "Very Special Day" and "Iron in the Fire" as "eerie beauty", and "Janice" with "You're Going Away" as a shaky church-like organ.[1] According to critic Dave Furgess that "C'Lest La Vie, Au Revoir" is a killer song.[12]

Track listing[edit]

This may be the original song order for Gibb's second album.[4]

All tracks written by Robin Gibb.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Life" 2:27
2. "I've Been Hurt" 4:26
3. "Irons in the Fire" 4:08
4. "Cold Be My Days" 6:16
5. "Avalanche" 4:12
Side two
No. Title Length
6. "Make Believe" 5:05
7. "All's Well That Ends Well" 2:13
8. "Very Special Day" 2:58
9. "Sky West and Crooked" 2:32
10. "Sing Slowly Sisters" 4:00
11. "C'est la vie, au revoir" 3:17



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