Sing to the Sky

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Sing to the Sky
Studio album by Ayaka
Released 25 June 2008
Genre J-Pop, Pop-rock
Label Warner Music Records
Producer Nishio Yoshihiko, Ayaka
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Sing to the Sky
Ayaka's History 2006–2009
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Sing to the Sky is the second album from Japanese singer, Ayaka.


Second album from Ayaka was confirmed on 26 April 2008. It is to include all of her singles from Jewelry Day up to the latest Okaeri. There are three versions, first press CD+DVD (music video collection), CD+DVD (live performance video collection), and CD-only version. Second bonus track "I Believe (English Version)" only comes with the CD+DVD versions. In one in a hundred first press discs, there's a "gold ticket" which can be traded in for a special DVD like Ayaka's first album. Fifteenth track "Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete" is the theme song of the 2008 film The Sky Crawlers.

Sing to the Sky debuted at #3 on Oricon Daily Charts with index sales of more than 44,000 copies, however, the next day the album moved to #2 for 5 days and finally reached #1 on its seventh day. By the end of the week the album debuted at #2 on the weekly charts with sales of more than 315,000 copies, a little less than her debut album. Sing to the Sky was kept out of the top position by Greeeen's second album A, Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu., which sold more than 377,000 copies.

Sing to the Sky has been certified Triple Platinum by RIAJ for shipment of 750,000 copies .

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Ayaka.

Disc1: CD
No. Title Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Power of Music" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Satoru Shionoya  
2. "Ai o Utaō (愛を歌おう, Let's Sing Love)" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Tomoji Sogawa  
3. "Sky" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
4. "Jewelry Day" Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
5. "Good Night Baby (グンナイベイビー)" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
6. "For Today" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
7. "Why [1]" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio    
8. "Gold Star (ゴールドスター)" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
9. "Mahō Tsukai no Shiwaza (魔法使いのしわざ, The Magician's Deeds)" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
10. "Te o Tsunagō (手をつなごう, Let's Hold Hands)[2]" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  
11. "Ai mo Uso mo Shinjitsu (愛も嘘も真実, Love, Lies, and Truth)" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Jun Abe  
12. "Clap & Love [3]" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Akihisa Matsuura  
13. "Kimi ga Irukara (君がいるから, Because I Have You)" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Seiji Kameda  
14. "Okaeri (おかえり, Welcome Home)[4]" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Akihisa Matsuura  
15. "Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete (今夜も星に抱かれて, Wrapped in the Stars Tonight)[5]" Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio Satoru Shionoya  
16. "Winding Road (with Kobukuro)" (bonus track) Kentaro Kobuchi&Shunsuke Kuroda (Kobukuro), Ayaka K. Kobuchi&S. Kuroda, Ayaka  
17. "I Believe <English Version>" (bonus track) Ayaka, Yoshihiko Nishio L.O.E  


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)
Release Chart Peak position First week sales Sales total
June 25, 2008 Oricon Daily Album Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Album Chart 2 315,373 614,872 
Oricon Monthly Album Chart 2
Oricon Yearly Album Chart 15 577,405


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  2. ^ Theme song of the Doraemon film Nobita and the Green Giant Legend 2008[citation needed]
  3. ^ Theme song of the drama Jigoku no Sata mo Yome Shidai
  4. ^ Theme Song of the drama Zettai Kareshi
  5. ^ Theme song of the anime film The Sky Crawlers

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