Canada–Singapore relations

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Canada–Singapore relations



Canada–Singapore relations refers to the current and historical relations between Canada and Singapore. Both are full members of the Commonwealth of Nations. In Singapore, Canada is represented by a High Commission. Singapore is represented in Canada by their non-resident High Commissioner (Philip Eng Heng Nee since 2013), based in Singapore.

With no embassy or ambassador in Canada, the Honorary Consul General in Vancouver is the diplomatic mission of Singapore in Canada. Until 2014 there was a Consul General in Toronto, but closed with services directed to Vancouver or New York City.[1]

These ties are enhanced by the many Canadians who reside in Singapore, and the 83,000 Canadians that visit the city-state every year.[2]

  • Consul General in Vancouver - 1095 West Pender Street (Manulife Place, Vancouver)[3]
  • Consul General in Toronto - 80 Richmond Street West (Victory Building) [4]