Singapore-style noodles

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"Singapore"-style noodles
Singapore style noodles.jpg
Type Noodle
Main ingredients Rice vermicelli, curry powder, bean sprouts, pak choi, soy sauce, and sliced chili peppers
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"Singapore"-style noodles (Chinese: 星洲炒米; pinyin: xīngzhōuchǎomǐ) is a dish of stir-fried rice vermicelli seasoned with curry powder, vegetables, scrambled eggs and meat, most commonly chicken, beef, char siu pork, or prawns.

Cultural origin[edit]

The dish, despite its name, is neither created, found nor eaten in Singapore. It is very commonly found at Cantonese-style restaurants and take away eateries in Hong Kong.[1][2] The dish is also very popular in English, Australian, Canadian and American Chinese cuisine.



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