Singapore Infantry Regiment

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Singapore Infantry Regiment
Active 1957 – present
Country Singapore
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Size Eight battalions
Garrison/HQ 1st Battalion - Mandai Hill Camp
2nd Battalion - Amoy Quee Camp
3rd Battalion - Selarang Camp
4th Battalion - Lim Chu Kang Camp I
5th Battalion - Bukit Panjang Camp
6th Battalion - Maju Camp
8th Battalion - Clementi Camp
9th Battalion - Maju Camp
March Singapore Infantry Regiment March
Engagements Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation[1][2][3]
Chief Infantry Officer COL Ng Ying Thong

The Singapore Infantry Regiment is the main formation of the Singapore Army. It consists of eight full-time battalions and a number of National Service (NS), or Reservist battalions.


The 1st Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment (1 SIR) was formed on 12 March 1957 against the backdrop of self-government for Singapore. Recruitment began on 4 March 1957 with only Singapore citizens and persons born and bred in Singapore were recruited. Out of a total of 1,420 applicants, 237 were initially accepted for training. It was intended that 1 SIR together with another battalion would form part of a regiment within a brigade group in the Singapore Military Forces.

Self-government for Singapore in 1959 gave 1 SIR the opportunity to mount the Istana Guards in place of the Gurkhas, while the battalion was presented with Queen's and Regimental Colours in 1961. The following year, the 2nd Battalion was raised.

For two years between 1963 and 1965, Singapore was part of Malaysia, and the regiment was renamed the Malaysian Infantry Regiment. Both battalions saw service in the Confrontation, with 1 SIR posted to Sebatik Island in Sabah and 2 SIR to Labis, Johor. On Singapore's independence in 1965, the regiment regained its former name. In 1967 two more battalions, the 3rd and 4th, were raised as part of the move towards National Service. 1 SIR and 2 SIR were also converted to NS battalions. Four further battalions were raised over the next few years, although 7 SIR and the older 8 SIR were eventually re-roled to become the 3rd and 2nd Battalions, Singapore Guards.

Current status[edit]

Currently, there are eight active battalions, each of which is assigned to an infantry brigade in one of the army's three Combined Arms Divisions except 9 & the newer 8 SIR, which is assigned to 2 People's Defence Force. This is alongside two per brigade of NS battalions. Besides training for their conventional warfare role, different infantry battalions specialise in unique roles. For example, 3 SIR, 8 SIR and 9 SIR specialise in urban operations, protection of installations (POI) for SAF installations, and POI for civilian key installations respectively. This arrangement, which may change according to operating environments, also allows MINDEF to try out new tactics and equipment. As of May 2011, 2 SIR has been converted into a motorised infantry battalion in the effort to shift towards a 3rd Generation SAF.[4] The plan is to convert 3 conventional infantry battalions to motorised infantry that is 1 per Combined Arms Divisions.


Singapore Infantry Brigades

  • 2 People's Defence Force (2 PDF)
    • 21st Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 22nd Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 26th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 27th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 29th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 32nd Singapore Infantry Brigade
  • 3rd DIVISION (3 DIV)
    • 3rd Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 5th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 24th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 30th Singapore Infantry Brigade
  • 6th DIVISION (6 DIV)
    • 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 9th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 10th Singapore Infantry Brigade
    • 12th Singapore Infantry Brigade

Singapore Infantry Battalions

Battalion Motto Location Under
1st Battalion (1 SIR) First and Foremost Mandai Hill Camp HQ 6 DIV
2nd Battalion (2 SIR) Second to None Amoy Quee Camp HQ 3 DIV
3rd Battalion (3 SIR) Silent and Effective Selarang Camp HQ 6 DIV
4th Battalion (4 SIR) Towards Greater Heights Lim Chu Kang Camp I HQ 6 DIV
5th Battalion (5 SIR) Silent, Deadly, Swift Bukit Panjang Camp HQ 3 DIV
6th Battalion (6 SIR) Tough and Effective Maju Camp HQ 3 DIV
8th Battalion (8 SIR) Ready and Vigilant Clementi Camp HQ 2 PDF
9th Battalion (9 SIR) Vigilant and Resilient Maju Camp HQ 2 PDF