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Omni-Theatre, Singapore Science Centre, Singapore
Interior of an IMAX Dome control room Science Centre OMNI-Theatre, Republic of Singapore

The Singapore Omni-Theatre is an observatory and IMAX film theatre located in the Science Centre, Singapore in the city-state Singapore, South-east Asia. It opened in 1977. The Science Centre house more than 850 exhibits, mostly interactive; the largest collection devoted to science in the city.[1]


As part of the larger Science Centre, it specifically encompasses an observatory, an omniplanetarium, and an OMNIMAX Projection System to show movies relating to science, astronomy, etc. A simulation theatre, exhibition room, class room, restaurant, and gift shop are also located on the premises.

The Observatory[edit]

As one of the few observatories in the world located next to the Equator, constellations in both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres can be observed and thus opens up more vistas in the sky for observers.

The main telescope of the Observatory is a 40-cm Cassegrain reflector of combined focal length 520-cm. The sub-telescope is a 15-cm apochromatic Kepler refractor of focal length 180-cm. The equatorial mount for the telescopes was designed for its location; the accompanying English yoke] provides the necessary stability for the drive and tracking mechanisms. The 5.5-metre stainless steel dome can be made to swivel in any direction and its shutter can be made to slide open for the telescope to be focused onto interesting objects in the sky.

The observatory is situated at geographical coordinates: 1o 20' 03" N latitude 103o 44' 14" E longitude 15.27 m Height (m.s.l)

The Observatory is open to the public for star-gazing sessions on every Friday nights between 7.50pm to 10pm.

The theatre[edit]

The theatre consists of a massive hemispheric screen, twenty-three metres in diameter. This screen is sixteen metres or about five storeys high, and is made up of 376 pieces of vinyl-coated aluminium panels, covering a surface of 625 m². The material achieves 30% reflectivity, ensuring immense clarity.

About 43 million perforations in the screen allow both sound and air-conditioning to pass through to the audience. Stretching 180 degrees horizontal from wall to wall and tilted at a 30-degree angle to the horizon, the screen "wraps" over the audience to cover 80% of a hemisphere so that the images far exceed a person's field of vision.[2] The theatre seats 276 and was the first in Southeast Asia.

Typical titles of the IMAX films include: Great White Shark, Islands of Lemurs: Madagascar and Animalopolis


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